seaQuest: German 212Alpha sub

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seaQuest: German 212Alpha sub

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this is the German 212 class submarine.
In this year, the first unit of this class came into service in the German Navy. It is even more quiet then a nuclear propelled sub, as it runs with a hydrogen reactor. The detailled technology is hard to describe, but all I can say is, that it is VERY advanced. Probalbly THIS sub is the near future for the smaller Navies of the European states in submarine combat and warfare. However, he is the picture:

@rodglas: I will redo the Typhoon when I have time and send it with the Oscar and the 212 to you. Do not ask, when that could be. Let's say, in the near future.

ah, yes: The current version is the 212 Alpha, the one I build would probably be the 212 Bravo, as it would sport more advanced techs then the Alpha.
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