The Ultimate Crew. . .

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The Ultimate Crew. . .

Post by alterici »

Which series had the best Chief Engineer? Tactical Officer? Doctor? Helmsman? Ops? Commander? Captain? Science Officer? Security? (Did I forget any?)

Essentially what crew would make the ultimate setup - try it two different ways. . .
-The officers can be shifted - for example EMH as Captain. . . and Picard as Doctor.
-The officers can not be shifted - for example Janeway as captain. . . and Kira Nerys as Commander.
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Post by snoopy444 »

Tactical: Tuvok
Helmsman: Tom Paris
OPS: Harry Kim
Captain: Jean Luc-Picard
Commander: William Riker
Doctor: Joe (Doctor from Voyager)
Science: Geordi LaForge
Security: Worf
Chief Engineer: Scotty

That's the crew I think would be the ultimate crew.
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