Star Trek Doom Project (GZDoom Doom 2 mod)

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Star Trek Doom Project (GZDoom Doom 2 mod)

Post by Blake00 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:06 am

Hi guys,

Posted this ages ago over on the BOTF forums but since this forum is seperate and has a larger section devoted to other game modding I may as well post here too. :)

I’ve been working on & off over the last 20yrs on a Star Trek TNG Doom level and after totally remaking/upgrading it I released it to the public just over a year ago and posted in a few Trek groups but just realised I forgot to post about it here! Obviously being a Doom 2 level it’s all pretty oldschool but GZDoom modernises it a bit at least. From the very beginning in 1997 I wanted to have the player fighting the Borg & Species 8472 on the 2371 Enterprise D & also inside a Borg cube (similar to Star Trek Voyager Elite Force) but since that’s not possible in the canon/prime timeline I had to do some ‘creative thinking’ story wise to make such events happen (basically I had to do a JJ Abrams *shivers* lol). Hopefully my fellow Trek fans will get a kick out of my wacky retro work as in the end it’s all just a bit fun.

The year is 2371 and the Enterprise-D is in its seventh year of service (Between Season 7 & Generations Film), you play a young junior Lieutenant sent out to test upgrades on a shuttlecraft when a futuristic Borg cube emerges from a temporal portal launching a devastating attack on the Enterprise. After seeing the Borg Cube destroyed by Species 8472 emerging from the same time portal you decide to return to the Enterprise to try and help take back the ship.

My goal has always been to create a wild adventure on the Enterprise D that has you believing you're there (well at least in the boundaries of the ancient Doom engine lol), and I'm happy to say the project reboot has been a success! All old areas, monsters and weapons have been rebuilt 10x better, many new areas have been added, and I've completely finished everything I wanted to do for my first public demo.

Hope you guys enjoy this first demo below. Be warned that it will likely be a while before there's another demo, I spent nearly 2 years on this & my other Quest For Glory IV 3D Hexen project and sacrificed a lot.

Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image

For more information, more screenshots, animations+descriptions of all weapons & monsters you'll face, and of course the download links for the demo and required files check out my STDoom websites here:
- Star Trek Doom Project Homepage
- NEW Star Trek Doom Project ModDB Page

Image Image Image Image

If you just want to see it without all the hassle then here's a playthrough/walkthrough video series I made..

Part 1 - Type 7 Shuttle, Transporter Room, Turbolift, Corridors, Holodeck, Jefferies Tubes, Shuttle Bay, Type 6 Shuttle & Borg Cube Arrvial.

Part 2 - Borg Cube, Borg Queen boss fight, Enterprise D Bridge & EARLY DRAFT Engineering Species 8472 boss fight.
Blake's Sanctum - Star Trek Games: fan page containing pics, vids, info, walkthroughs, patches, & maps!

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