Armada 1 HELP

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Armada 1 HELP

Post by ArmadaChris »

Hello Armada fans, looking for some help. Getting my armada game back out but I am trying to find a mod from years back. It allows you to build a Borg supercube or federation advanced shipyard for the Promethius the splits int 3 ships. Can anyone help
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Re: Armada 1 HELP

Post by ansenarion »

Hi Armada Chris,

I have gone thru a host of mods without coming across this ship. I even resurrected an older XP machine which had surprising life left in her. The list below are no go's and should be ignored.

1. Way of the Warrior
2. Excessive
3. Restoration Project
4. Millennium most updated
5. ST vSW
6. Babylon 5 and the AI paych (I know but just in case)

I would recommend going to armadafilesdotcom and trying out the addon total conversion section. One of the Alliance mods might have it as they are separate entities altogether, found in total conversion section. In the addon's I would try Borg Incursion Aftermath.

I hope this isn't an issue posting so many months late, but I enjoyed searching out the mods and falling back in love with a stellar Star Trek game.

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