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Order of Planets

Post by Gowron » Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:13 pm

The game always places volcanic planets next to the star and arctic planets/gas giants outwards.

This behaviour is governed by subroutine 4B4380.

Each planet type corresponts to a certain number:
arctic = 0,
barren = 1,
desert = 2,
gas giant = 3,
jungle = 4,
oceanic = 5,
terran = 6,
volcanic = 7.
There are separate checks for each of the three planet types. At least two of them can be modified easily.

Locations in trek.exe: "07" (volcanic) at position 0xB38B8, "03" (gas giant) at position 0xB38C1. You can change the numbers so that other planet types take on the role as innermost/outermost planets. Change a number to "08" to disable a check.
The "arctic" check can be disabled by changing "84" to "8C" at position 0xB3A9D.
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Post by Tethys » Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:17 pm

Very nice, thanks so much for this info Gowron your the best! Off to plot sinister deeds with planets now :twisted:

EDIT: Oh it works even more perfect then I thought it would. At first, Sol's P class planets (Jupiter and Saturn/moons) ended up past Uranus and Neptune then i remembered to change the Arctic one, presto, beautiful Gowron, just beautiful. Thanks so much :D
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