Unrest Orders (turn delay & limitations)

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Unrest Orders (turn delay & limitations)

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Since I can't remember if this already has been posted somewhere on the forums:

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sub_43A6D4 unrest_order_turn_delay:

0043A706                 mov     eax, 3    // card
0043A70C                 mov     eax, 4   // kling/rom -> shared
0043A712                 mov     eax, 5   // fed/fer -> shared

sub_45FCE0 unrest_order_effect:

0045FD74                 add     eax, edx  // current morale + unrest order edifice.bst output
0045FD76                 xor     edx, edx
0045FD78                 mov     dx, [ebx+2F0h]  // base morale
0045FD7F                 cmp     eax, edx   // if greater than base morale 
0045FD81                 jge     loc_45FE93 // set morale = base morale
0045FD9C                 jl      short loc_45FD3C  // continue with order if result still lower than base morale
Reason for posting this are some older requests for buildings resp. a system feature with temporary effect (e.g. increasing research or intel). :idea:

So if anyone wants to mess with this they now know where to look for reference codes. Hacking ordInfo is required, of course (also for the 1 Item per turn limitation).
I don't know how many bugs is too many but that point is reached somewhere before however many in BotF is.
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