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Intercept percentage

Post by Spocks-cuddly-tribble »

Not a particularly interesting subject but here is how to mod intercept percentages for taskforces.

This already has been posted in the Crew Experience topic:
Spocks-cuddly-tribble wrote:Task force INTERCEPT value

Intercept base value is always 20. Thus, I'm not sure how it is determined.

The bonus per experience level(beginning with Green!) depends on ship function:

Code: Select all

00/scout         +5
01/destroyer    +20
02/cruiser       +3
03/strike        +2
04/command       +1
05/colony        +0
09/troop tr.     +0
Task force Intercept value = 20 + cumulated experience bonuses of all ships

03/strike and 04/command do support Intercepting task-forces, but cannot Intercept alone -> button disabled.
Note: As suspected, AI controlled ships do it even so.

Colony ships and troop transports don't support Intercept.
Code is located in subroutine 46A3E8.

(My 0x-offsets always referring to hex-editor except for prefixed asm, sub or loc)

:arrow: Intercept base value:

0x697F1 default: 0x14

:arrow: Intercept experience bonus values:

01/destroyer -> 0x69849 default: 0x14

The other values aren't explizite stored, i.e. modding requires code altering.

However this can be done easiely:

00/scout ------->0x697C0 ->(default: 2E)
01/destroyer -->0x697C4 ->(default: 47)
02/cruiser ----->0x697C8 ->(default: 4C)
03/strike ------>0x697CC ->(default: 51)
04/command ->0x697D0 ->(default: 31)

Just replace the desired values with one of the following:

33 = 0 (no experience bonus)
31 = 1
51 = 2
4C = 3
2E = 5
47 = value at 0x69849 (see above)
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Post by DCER »

Thank you! This is very useful actually :)
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