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Re: Stealth and Cloak

Post by thunderchero »

I need to test and I hope 1 of those 0D -> 07 is for cloaked ships.

It really hurt them since they lose there free move when they evade.

this patch also forces human player to evade.
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Re: Stealth and Cloak

Post by Spocks-cuddly-tribble »

I anticipated the 'free cloak' issue when creating the patch (post updated with missing notes form my ida-notepad).

Another option for cloaked ships using 'Cloak' instead of 'Evade' has been added (same movements as Evade but they should stay cloaked same as with 'Hold').

And it should be possible to combine both options with your approach of command selection for players:

At 471D31 you changed 'jz short loc_471D45' to 'jz short loc_471D8F'.

Better force the jump to be on the safe side (ds:5B550C might misbehave):

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00471D31   EB 5C            JMP SHORT 00471D8F // 0x71131 (74 12) -> EB 5C
Or jump from 471D1A to 471C8B if you don't need code at 471D8F (special event speech?):

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00471D1A     jz     loc_471C8B -> nop jmp loc_471C8B // 0x7111A (0F 84) -> 90 E9
I don't know how many bugs is too many but that point is reached somewhere before however many in BotF is.
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