shield level & penetration

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shield level & penetration

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ISS_Voyager wrote:Could you elaborate on the purpose of "Shield Level"?
Already done, but ok:

Say a ship with a shield level of 25 (and shields still up!) takes a hit (no matter beam or torpedo) of 40 points of damage.

Real damage -> 40 - 25 = 15

But tevent still says 40 -> look at shield percentage / see also "damage control".

ISS_Voyager wrote:Are the AI starships "aware" of their opponent's Shield Level?
Yes, at least they'll predict if they cannot do any damage.
ISS_Voyager wrote:(Or do they just run away, as usual?)
Not "Or" , they run away if SL too large.

See your other topic.
I don't know how many bugs is too many but that point is reached somewhere before however many in BotF is.
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