Hi Everyone,

The 20th Anniversary of the release of Birth of the Federation is now less than 2 months away "May 25 2019" it is gratuitous that it also falls on Saturday.

I propose we gather on GameRanger for quick multi-player games and reminiscing about our favorite game.

I will try to be on GameRanger as much as I can that day and night and hope to see you there.


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Unarmed Ship

Unarmed Ship (Designation); support/discussion/questions

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Unarmed Ship

Post by Gowron » Sat May 03, 2008 8:27 am

During battle, sometimes a ship with weapons is designated as "unarmed", while sometimes a ship without weapons isn't.
I've run a few tests with this result:

During combat, a ship is designated as "unarmed" if its minimum beam range is equal to zero.

If a ship is designated as unarmed, then its beam type and torpedo type will still be displayed correctly, but without the numbers and strengths.
For example, instead of
"6 Phaser Banks ... 40"
the game would only display
"Phaser Banks"

So if you're giving a ship torpedo launchers, but not beam weapons, then make sure that its minimum beam range is set to something greater than zero :)
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