minor race back-ground evolution

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minor race back-ground evolution

Post by jonesie85two »

Hello, my name is chris.

i have recently been experimenting with minor race evolution jumps and ship upgrading.

game specs:-
tech level five
enhanced large map
playing as federation
Cheats activated
scanner strength set to 65000

Minor race Tested:-

breen (aka acamarians)

Minor Ship:-

Stats are a direct copy of the federation heavy destroyer

ship model = udm breen destroyer

Breen Destroyer I - Standard - Tech 1
Breen Destroyer II - +1 Movement - Tech 2
Breen Destroyers III - +2 Movement - Tech 4

In game variables:-

close proximity to romulans
breen under constant threat
low morale
no successful invasions but the shipyard was destroyed
constand romulan intel sabotage turn by turn.
romulans raiding the system.


game start
breen had 1 destroyer I

Turn 65

breen produced 2 destroyer II
they had 3 ships in total
1 destroyer I and 2 Destroyer II's

Breen bacame a member of the federation
all 3 ships were added the the federation fleet (1 class 1 and 2 class 2's)
only class 2 vessel was available in the ship Build list.

Turn 70-105
Intel Seige

TURN 106
Romulan seige of breen ended
3 breen vessels remaining in orbit. (1 class 1 and 2 class 2's)

TURN 115
Breen Destroyer II replaced in breens ship build list with the breen destroyer III

TURN 117
4th ship constructed in total 4 ships orbiting breen.

-1 breen destroyer I
-2 breen destroyer II
-1 breen destroyer III


Finding 1 - Minor race vessels do not auto-upgrade like major race vessels
Finding 2 - Romulans are very annoying
Finding 3 - i set the breen ground defence/combat far too high
Finding 4 - Minors do evolve in the background after membership.
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Post by eprahsnada »

Sounds like the Breen have had a lot of fun lol. I don't think I'd complain if they were one of my member systems, at least I'd have ONE system guaranteed in dire cases.
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Post by jonesie85two »

Id have to agree with you there!
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