1.02 or multi install?

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1.02 or multi install?

Post by geon »

Hi everyone,

A quick question for the modding experts. When starting a new mod, is it better to start modding a straight 1.02 vanilla game, or can you start with the multi install version?

And if you can start modding with the multi install, will this affect it's multi mod capability (ie being able to have various mods at the same time?)

Thanks in advance

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Post by thunderchero »

1.0.2 vanilla cd version and 1.0.2 multi install version are basicly the same.

differences in 1.0.2 multi version

1. all gifs convertd to 256x256 to be compatable with hades
2. jokers patch files per installed
3. cd protection removed from trek.exe
4. installs all file needed to run from hard drive
5. creates backup files that are used when mods are installed (this prevents coruptions to mod if vanilla had been edited).

So 1.0.2 multi version can be edited to start creating any new mod without effecting new mod when they are installed.

once any one has a mod ready to release they have 2 options

1. I will setup a mod installation for them from the files they give me.
2. If they feel comfortable with creating there own installer I will help them to create an installer code just for their mod that they can use any time they want to create a new version of their mod.

so far most have just given me file for me to create an installer for them, but tethys and stardust are only ones to create their own installer of their mod.

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