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Post by thunderchero » Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:02 am

goodone wrote:@thunderchero:
so, what's ur idea on future development of this patch?
1. releasing a separate dll patch?
2. incorporating it in joker's patch?
3. incorporating it in hades's patch?

4. u will ofc incorporate it is multi-install, and i think that's a swell idea since so many ppl are using it.

ur thoughts?
1. yes, as a manual install or any type of auto installer. auto installer could create backup so could be uninstalled.

2. no, joker has never liked any of his files edited

3. yes as mentioned before I am considering creating a new single hades patch.

4. yes I have been working on replacement files for all multi installers main and mods. so would most likely remove 1.1 option and add dll patch/hades option keeping hades only option.

all options above would take time to create. so manual install would be first for more testing.


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