Changing starting population, population growth

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Changing starting population, population growth

Post by kawless »

Alright, if I colonize a system, I'm given 20 population,
and then the turn runs the population growth function through all the populated systems.
I have this one system with 1% pop.growth, with 130 max pop.
Even at 300 food production, max growth has been 1 for the past 20 turns since it was colonized.

Why increase starting growth?
- In a game sense, it takes an interminably long time for useful growth to happen, and I'm attempting to mod for a faster paced game.
- In a more realistic sense, the population growth does not take into account immigration from "full" planets.

- Is it possible to increase the starting population of 20?
- Is it possible to mod the existing growth formula to have a greater increase at the sub-100 population levels? (preferred)

Could one take the final calculated population increase and simply add 4 to it?
A minimum of 1 population growth becomes a minimum of 5?
Would you need to simplify the existing calculation to do this, like ignoring the system's growth rate altogether?
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Post by thunderchero »

yes more can be done but would require hex editing.

check these posts

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