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Opinions requested - ship list

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:33 am
by Darth_Windu
Hi all,

I'm still in the process of building my mod, happily playing with adding new models, but trying to retain the original balance of the game. I'm in a bit of pickle here though, I don't know how to shoehorn the TOS Constitution-class in. Thus far my Federation list is

Science: Oberth --> Nova
Destroyer: NX --> Miranda
Light Cruiser: Constitution Refit --> Excelsior
Heavy Cruiser: Norway --> Akira
Strike Cruiser: Nebula --> Nebula
Escort: Defiant
Heavy Escort: Prometheus
Command Ship: Ambassador --> Galaxy
Command Cruiser: Sovereign --> Sovereign Mk.2

What I want to do though is add the TOS Constitution, Sabre-class, and possibly Deadalus. What I'm thinking is making a 'frigate' type with the NX available instantly in any game (all requirements at 1) and finishing with the Sabre (and the deadalus in between, plus maybe the New Orleans), and possibly making the Constitution the first Destroyer.

Thoughts/alternatives? Definitely open to other ideas here. :)

Re: Opinions requested - ship list

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:49 pm
by outerexodus

Excited to try yours out when you've got it going!

For the most part, I play my own edited version of UDM. I did quite a bit of changing around the shiplist to where I wanted it. I basically took the Feds shiplist and divided it into 4-5 "eras", basically ships that can group together and be effective. Here's what I have for mine. I ended up removing some of the non-canon ships from other races to make room for more Fed ships. It's just me, but I love making diverse Fed fleets. :D I added a heavy science class so I could fit the Luna class in at tech 10, frigate class for something similar to destroyer but slightly larger, and battleship for the Excalibur.

( -> is for replacing previous ship, = is for stronger version but doesn't replace)
Science: Daedalus -> Oberth -> Nova
Heavy Science: Luna
Destroyer: Neptune -> Miranda (w/o rollbar) -> Soyuz -> Miranda Refit (w/rollbar)
Frigate: NX -> New Orleans = Intrepid
Escort: Saladin -> Centaur -> Norway = Saber
Heavy Escort: Defiant
Cruiser: Constitution -> Constitution Refit -> Excelsior -> Lakota
Heavy Cruiser: Akira
Strike Cruiser: Nebula = Steamrunner
Tactical Cruiser: Prometheus
Exploration Cruiser: Constellation -> Ambassador = Galaxy
Dreadnought: Sovereign
Battleship: Excalibur

I think that's all of them... lol. Hope I gave you some ideas! Game on!