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Can you disable memberships

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:14 pm
by afc
Minor races cant join a major race only be affiliation with them

I was wondering if there was a way where they can only be affiliation with a major power so they can build there own system.

Have them build there own special building.
There own ships/fleets
A combat training for there ships.

you can only build starbases in there system as affiliation and not a member.

Re: Can you disable memberships

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:50 am
by Spocks-cuddly-tribble
If then only as an ugly workaround e.g. confused major AIs still wasting credits to bribe minors into de facto membership and finally even fed AI would declare war on them.

Many building bonuses are not stored for minor and rebel systems since unneeded by default, nor the minors would use them.

Sadly also too much work would be giving minors more than one system resp. colonisation / conquering abilities (yet).

However, here is some unfinished stuff related to the subject:

You could try trek.exe at 0x18E274 change 80 DD 45 00(membership effect) -> 40 E2 45 00 (affiliation effect)

Alternatively -> sub_45DD80 minor_treaty_3_member

-> keep present minor ships under AI control: (behavior bugged!)

Code: Select all

0045DF83     E9 F8000000    JMP 0045E080
0045DF88     90             NOP
0045DF89     90             NOP
Also somehow related:

Code: Select all

SystemTakeover keep main intel buildings: -> also used when membering minors
0044140F                 jnz     short loc_4413CD // first byte EB

-> keep ALL foreign major buildings:
004413CB                 jnz     short loc_4413DA // remove

-> keep minor special buildings: (if present)
00440D2E                 call    sub_445840 // remove

Re: Can you disable memberships

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:18 pm
by Mumby
would it be possible to competely turn off diplomacy with minors?

I ask because my first attempt at a mod, was a borg mod in which I turn some of the random ships and minors into borg. Diplomacy was the biggest problem (there was more problems because I'm relatively new to EU, but that was the only big one)... I'd really like to create a mod with a 6 empire feeling, and I view turning the minors into Borg as the way to do it...