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Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:00 pm
by The_Nighthawk
Spocks-cuddly-tribble wrote:And an orbital battery can attack more than one ship per turn, right?
No, each orbital only gets a single shot at a single target for its DamagePower x WeaponTechLevel. Damage doesn't transfer if the ship is destroyed.

Spocks-cuddly-tribble wrote:As to ground combat values of TT's and systems. By short tests I found a random value range (generated every turn) of -50% up to +100% (yet). Percentage means the needed cumulated TT combat value related to system value for successful invasion.
That is indeed interesting. It would be nice to know if there's a 'safe-zone'. Such as, you never lose if your TT's ground combat is twice +1 point that of the system.

I also find it interesting that it's a win/lose resolution rather than a percentage chance to win the combat, and that the randomness is how many troops you bring on a given turn to win.

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 8:28 pm
by Spocks-cuddly-tribble
The_Nighthawk wrote:- Orbital hit points(…) may have the same hit points as the damage they do
It's exactly the damage value +1 (probably a check bug let them survive with zero hit points).
+SH strength, but only one time

There stays no partial damage between turns i.e. either an OB get destroyed or it's full regenerated on the next turn (like shields).

Remaining question:
Even if OB’s come in superior numbers, sometimes they won’t fire more than one OB-shot at a ship.
E.g. 6 powered OBs vs 1 ship - only one OB fires.
Predictor circumstances for this behavior, I wasn't able to determine.

Also a powered SH isn’t a preferred target, is just like all the other structures on the system.

The_Nighthawk wrote:- Firepower used to kill an active orbital does NOT stop the torpedoes from killing population or a structure. The same population is killed regardless of whether an active orbital was also destroyed.
Indeed system/pop damage increases if SH power was used for OB protection.

That's because ships (assuming they resist OB shots) can use torpedo firepower two times: 1.)against the OBs, 2.)for system bombing, whereas SH-power is availible only one time.

Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 4:39 am
by DOT
Does anybody know, where the code is located for the numbers of orbital batteries?
- minors got 1-4 ob per level jump (as far as I remember postings)
- major systems get limited max number of ob (1/10 of population) on startup.

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Re: Attacking a System

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:29 am
by EnPhreg
Remaining question:
Even if OB’s come in superior numbers, sometimes they won’t fire more than one OB-shot at a ship.
E.g. 6 powered OBs vs 1 ship - only one OB fires.
Predictor circumstances for this behavior, I wasn't able to determine.
i've tested around a little bit about that questions above and it seems that all the OBs firing at one ship together, if all OBs -1 can destroy the ship in one turn with their firepower. that means: if you're going to attack a planet with a single ship and the planet has 5 OBs than the critical value is 4 x OB weapon strength (that calculation doesn't match exactly, but is quite near) (maybe auto-repair value for the hull of the ship matters also within that calculation) i've tested this only for a single ship. (for fleet look further down this post)

it also seems that active OBs can be destroyed like a normal planet building during bombardment. bombarded a system with a ship that has not the power to destroy the orbital in "direct" confrontation, but the ship's bombardment damaged the planet and destroyed a building --> the OB. the message for this event used in the bombardment report was the normal message for a destroyed building through bombardment. ship recieved damage from OB, so it's clear that the OB was active. was able to repeat that.

tested it all with actual ECM 4.0. edited only the hull and shields of the ships with UE to make this behavior visible.

behavior of OBs if they outnumbering the attacking fleet:
the behavior for the OBs against fleet is somewhat stranger. sometimes the OBs behave like this:
if one of the ships in the fleet is weak enough to be destroyed in one turn by the surplus OB shots, than the remaining OBs will shoot at that ship.
for example: 5 OBs against a fleet of 4 ships (3 heavy, 1 scout) --> 1 OB per ship and the surplus fifth OB shoots at the scout, because it's the only ship that's weak enough to be destroyed in one turn if more than one OB firing at it. if the fleet insists only of the three heavy ships, than only 1 OB per ship is shooting and the surplus 2 OBs do nothing till the moment since their activation will destroy one of the attacking ships in one turn (in the case their is more than 1 remaining OB, you have to remember the roughly formula from above all remaining OBs -1)
and sometimes the remaining OBs do nothing, regardless if they can destroy a ship with their additional firepower or not and only one OB shoots at one ship.

i hate OBs! :roll: