Texture files controlling grid and name colours

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Texture files controlling grid and name colours

Post by Darth_Windu »

Alright what I'm trying to do is swap the colours for the Cardassians (Purple --> Orange) and Ferengi (Orange --> Purple). I've found the files that set the colour of each sector, but can't find the files that control the colour of the system names or the colour of the grids for sectors.

Can anyone help?
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Post by Peter1981 »

what are the files called? if they start with a c and and f and then are identically named just extract the files rename each one (i.e. swap f and c's over).
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Post by Tethys »

Inside stbof.res you will find the territory files:

c_check (cardie)
f_check (ferg)
h_check (fed/human)
k_check (kling)
r_check (rom)

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