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Structured Modding Index

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Base Tutorials and Helpful Topics:

-Game Installation
All in One Project Installer 1-19-2017
All in One Project Info
How to Install & Download Main Multi-Installer and mods (Alternate links)
DxWnd pre-loaded for BotF (solves most windows 8/10 issues)
How to Download and Mount botf.iso on a Virtual Drive
HOW TO: ADD MODS - (manually)
Multiple installations in only one directory
Tutorial: Install BotF on Mac OS X (Illustrated!)

-Keys & Parameters
Startup Codes (Command-line arguments)
Ingame Notepad (Single Player Chatbox)
Sending Chat Messages with Return Key

-Editing Tools
- Ultimate Editor -
- BotF Patcher-
- Larger Taskforces Patch -
Increasing Game Resolution + patchtool
WDF files + wdfedit & wdftool & basic wdf file info
Energy Screen with 15+ Building Buttons + patchtool
Tool for editing and importing the ship list to stbof.res
ShipView & BuildView
Getting into Modding (Recommended Tools)
Jokers Single-click installer & J-shipedit

-Coding Guides
A Nuts and Bolts Guide
Hex Editing For Beginners
online floating-point Calculators
Assembler Offsets + Tools & Hints !
Dynamic Key Variables (Wiki page)
editing Savegames files (Wiki page)
Ship Removal Subroutine (Subroutines Wiki page)
Standard Trek.exe IDA Database
Trek.exe in-memory patching with C/C++
Direct Access to Trek.exe's internal data
Easy DLL injection

-3D sfx
- MPR++ New Graphic Engine! -
HOW TO: add ship models with UE (ship packs)
HOW TO: make new Botf 3d Designs, the Video Tutorial
Creating New 3D Ship Designs
Ship install tutorial with 96 available ships with photos
HOW TO: Phasers
HOW TO: Reduce the number of Palettes
model phaser standards and ship scale
Common/shared texures project
Finishing a new ship pack
Trek.exe Ship Slots
Color of *phaser.hob files
Ship Specific Weapon Animations
Tactical Combat Space Background (Starfield)

-Videos, Sounds & Credits
Race Intros (videos)
How to edit alt.res sounds
Sound & Voice list Editing (converse.bin)
Preventing Videos & Credits

-GUI (interface)
How to edit GUI when changing main race
Race Fonts (*.fnt files)
Colors of Race Fonts and Map-Grids
"new" wait cursors
Creating Planet Animations
extended view/zoom-in map view (option)

Ingame Mechanics:

-Map & Starting Settings
Galaxy Map Size
Galaxy Shape Variables
Galaxy Control Values
Star Frequency
Minor Race Frequency
pop & planets limits for free- minor- & starting-systems
Order of Planets
Additional Starting Systems on any Starting Level
Corner check (major home systems)
Terraforming Fix for Additional Starting Systems and Minors
Tech 1-5 starting pop & credits
Starting Buildings (bldset*.bin)
Mandatory Starting Buildings (yard & refinery)
Disabling Dilithium for Spacefaring Races
Starting Ships
Territorial Claims
Unlocking Empire Borders for all Treaties
Scan Strength fix for unscanned Sectors (Fog of War)

-Economic/Military System-, Planet- & Anomaly-Properties
trek.exe multipliers for growth, ground def., credits..
Pop Support, Ground Combat, Orbital Batteries, Credit Output
Ground Combat Calculation (success chance of invasion)
Allow Intel Buildings to remain after conquest
Pop Growth, Terraforming Costs, Trade Goods, Pulsar Patterns
Adjusting trade good output
Terraforming Costs (advanced)
Colonies : population, farms, factories
Planet GrowthValues ; habit.bin
Adding a New Planet-Type (workaround)
Planet Bonus Types
Trade Routes, Ship Regeneration, Neutron Stars, Black Holes
Trade Route Outputs
Ferengi (free) trade routes
The Minimum Industry Value
Output of partially manned building groups
the Cardassian bonus for manned intel
Scrapping Buildings (for money)
Remove "Buy" confirmation

how Morale works
Base Morale on "Impossible"
Morale Chart (morale.bin)
Battle size calculation of the Morale Chart
Eliminate Empire morale issues + unremoved stations fix
System bonuses for high morale & add wrong main buildings fix
Unrest Orders (turn delay & limitations)

-Research & Tech
Research Progress and Decay
Tech Level Bonus Factors (+2%)
The Ground Combat Tech Level Multiplier
The research cost & effects of Future Technology
techtree.tec & techdesc.tec (file info)
Adding a Science and Technologies

-Minor Races
Minor Race Advancement
Initial Number of Orbitals for Minor Races
Gifts to Minor Races: Amounts and Effects + major race gifts, offers & demands !
Building minors ships after membership (option)

Map Range
Of (Transwarp) Carriers and Fighters
maximum speed for ships
Extending the shiplist
Special ships
Auto-Upgrading Ships (options)
Crew Experience
Damage Control
Raiding Percentages
Intercept percentage
Stealth and Cloak
Starbase Combat Distance and ship to ship initial distance
ship to ship distance
Hit Probability / tevent.txt
shield level & penetration
the command ship ability + plasma stats
Weapon Labels of Ships (Beams & Torpedoes)
Unarmed Ship (Designation)
Commands in tactical combat
Adding assault command to colony and troop transport
Ramming possiblities
Battle lenght Limit (50 tactical turns)
Shipname Appendix Fix & Adding new name groups
task force plural ending string 's' fix
How to stop a ship from making a Planetary Assault
shield display bug?

AI & Difficulty Level
AI Fleet Buildup (basics)
How the AI decides what ship type to build
AI building behaviour (aibldreq.bin)
AI Task Modifiers
AI battle calculation?
the AI minimum terraform threshold
changing AI controling race of a savegame
"Automatic" Build function
Federation AI code for Minor Races (no attacks & liberation) + Fix

-Intel, Empire scores & Victory conditions
Intel (mechanisms and bugfixes)
Economic and Military Score Overflow Fix
Domination victory conditions & Borg invasion
Vendetta Enemies

-Random Events & Monster
Random Events
Monster planet attacks & Borg spawning
Monster Editing Info

-Bugs & Exploits
Vanilla Evade/Retreat Crash fix
Lower CPU Patch
Upgrading buildings bug (fix) above 65535 credits
Disabling the ship scrapping exploit
Unknown ship stats pop-up bug (fix)
Phantom Dilithium Bug (fix)
Outpost/Starbase for free bug-fix
Terraforming Capacity of Task Forces (Instant-Terraforming fix)
terraforming / planet image bug (fix)
minor race hidden (from diplomacy) bug (fix)
Rebellions & the message withdrawn bug (fix)
The Bandi Advancement Bug (fix)
Minor declares war morale error (fix)
liberating foreign home systems (fix)
Liberating Native Systems (morale error fix)
Morale overflow over 32767 bug (fix)
Weapons "Jamming" Fix for Space Stations
Fed redeploy screen error (fix)
custom planet names for any system (fix)
Star-names display (fix)
Intel Empire screen - dilth/total systems (fix)
Cardassian Intel/Research display (fix)
rejected friendship message bug (fix)
Two Bugs of the "Trade Routes" Bonus Type
Fixes Compilation (GalaxyII 640points beam, enraged antedeans, german taskforce/inhabitant descriptions)
RegCloseKey fix
Romulan buy button fix (fix)
Newly-built structures unpowered if exact amount of needed Energy available (fix)
Summary / Systems -> "X Turn(s)" fix (+1 if exact amount)

-stbof.res file info/trek.exe mechanics
stbof.res file limit
Structure of edifice.bst
Adding Buildings to edifice.bst
Main buildings and AI
Structure Upgrades (Trek.exe info)
edifbnft.bst (building bonus types)
planet.pst, planetboni & planspac.bin (old)
Adding Planets to planet.pst
shiplist, shiptech & shiprace.sst (old)
shiplist/shiptech.sst, texture.lst & hob/gif (old)
tfdesign.tfd & combat.bin (broken/unused)
Race Descriptions (lexicon.dic)

Unfinished Projects:
Plasma (i.e.Pulse) weapons
using damage textures with new ship models
Tech Level Bonuses for Ships
New Resources & Star System Features
STBOF.INI Unknown settings

DirectPlay Emulation Project
Yet Another BotF Clone
Rise of the Federtion
Other Projects


Every suggestion on how to improve this index wrt structure, clarity or completeness is welcome. :)

Just post in this topic and the next admin/mod might do the update (if he has the leisure to do so, of course).

Older suggestions will be deleted after each update.
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