Tutorial: Install BotF on Mac OS X

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Re: Tutorial: Install BotF on Mac OS X (Illustrated!)

Post by MrTournemire »

ok...I'm going to read that....thank you :-)
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Re: Tutorial: Install BotF on Mac OS X (Illustrated!)

Post by QuasarDonkey »

According to the PlayOnMac help, there is an Arguments option in the configuration window:
http://wiki.playonlinux.com/index.php/T ... ion_Window
See the box marked 16 in the image.
Typing -Mudd inside the Arguments box should work.
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Re: Tutorial: Install BotF on Mac OS X (Illustrated!)

Post by aethys »

nomar2122 wrote: Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:15 am Thanks for the thorough walk through. I was able to get it completely installed and even running. However it goes to full screen and only shows the game correctly if the mouse is moving in that area. I emulated a virtual desktop and tried a couple different sets of numbers. I'm betting it's an easy fix, any suggestions?
Google translate of aethys post below

I know is already 2 years ago. But I was just facing the same problem. For me it was the wine version that made anger.
You can easily change it by going to "Configure" in the main PlayOnMac screen. There you select your virtual partition on the left. Then you can see on the right side under the tab "General" already the "Wine version". There was system with me. With the "+" on the right side you can add a new one. I then took 1.5.0 because this was already tested in the WineHQ.
Hope it helps someone.

ich weiß ist schon 2 Jahre her. Aber ich stand gerade genau vor dem selben Problem. Bei mir war es die Wine-Version die Ärger machte.
Die kann man ganz einfach ändern in dem man im PlayOnMac Hauptbildschirm auf "Konfigurieren" geht. Dort wählt man links seine Virtuelle Partition aus. Dann sieht man auf der rechten Seite unter dem Reiter "Allgemein" schon die "Wine-Version". Bei mir stand dort System drin. Mit dem "+" rechts daneben kann man eine neue hinzufügen. Ich hab dann 1.5.0 genommen weil diese im WineHQ schon getestet wurde.
Hoffe es hilft noch jemanden.


P.S.: Macbook Air (late 2010), PlayOnMac 4.2.10

(google translate added by admin)
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Re: Tutorial: Install BotF on Mac OS X

Post by GlenWalker »

This may or may not be of help but I have just managed to get Birth of the Federation working on my Mac which is running the Big Sur x86 version of macOS.

Initially I tried it with the macOS version of WINE and the Portingkit tool from paulthetall but I only ever managed to get the intro video to work and not the game.

I then turned to VirtualBox and tried it with Windows 10 and ReactOS. Both failed but amusingly ReactOS seemed to get further into the game before failing and was far more stable overall.

Finally I created an Ubuntu (Focal Fossa) virtual machine and installed WINE 6.0 and the game just worked!

It should be noted I’m using the patched version and running it through dxwnd. Some of the resolutions were a bit glitchy but here are my settings:

VirtualBox 6.1
  • CoreAudio driver
    Intel HD Audio controller
    128MB video RAM
    VMSVGA graphics controller
    3D acceleration disabled
    2048 MB RAM
    ICH9 chipset
    2 CPUs
    PAE/NX enabled
    VT-x/AMD-V enabled
WINE 6.0
  • Emulate a virtual desktop 1366x768
I also think I installed directplay using winetricks.
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