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terraforming / planet image bug (fix)

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Spocks-cuddly-tribble wrote:Sometimes a large 85pop desert(+50energy) and a small 25pop vulcan (+25energy) planet have wrong displayed graphics (swapped grapic size and type):

For some reason the large 85pop desert (+50energy) displays vtos.ani and the small 25pop vulcan (+25energy) displays dtol.ani. In fact quite the reverse should happen. :?
You're right.

And you'll be happy to hear I seem to have found the problem.

Botf is testing planets for sol specific animations and replacing them with regular ones unless the system being generated is named Sol. It mistakenly turns mars.ani into vtos.ani and merc.ani into dtol.ani

If you switch vtos.ani at 0x177214 and dtol.ani following it in trek.exe then the problem should be fixed. These two are only used in the said function so it won't break anything.

This doesn't fix old saved games of course.


For anyone that might want to edit these, the ani combinations start at 0x1771D4 with the name of the allowed system

eart.ani -> trol.ani etc.

the first one is the tested string the second is the new one, if you want system specific but not Sol, just change Sol to something else and also set the planet animations in planet.pst

Thunderchero this could be used to prevent the wormhole popping up in systems that aren't Bajor in UDM, but then Sol's planets would so it's not perfect.
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