The Bandi Advancement Bug

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The Bandi Advancement Bug

Post by Gowron »

In racetech.tec in vanilla BotF there's a corrupted area between the offsets 344 (dec) and 364 (dec).

This leads to wrong addresses being accessed when the game reads the tech levels of the Bandi on some evolution levels. Most notably the value at position 360 (dec) is 0, so the game reads addresses from the start of the file and interprets them as tech levels, leading to the following tech levels at the Bandi's 6th evolution level:
  • Biotech 1408
  • Computers 1624
  • Construction 1840
  • Energy 2056
  • Propulsion 2272
  • Weapons 2488
  • Sociology 2704 (but sociology is not used in the game)
Solution: The values are offsets, each one by 108 (dec) greater than its predecessor, so they can easily be corrected manually :)

i.e. racetech.tec at position 0x158


Code: Select all

C829 0000 342A 0000 A02A 0000 0C2B 0000 0000

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5C29 0000 C829 0000 342A 0000 A02A 0000 0C2B
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