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(Updated 9-26-16) Ultimate Dominion mod III 3.0.1ddb

Post by thunderchero »



Ultimate Dominion Mod III is based on the dramatic events shown on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and specifically centered around the conflicts arising from the Dominion invasion into the Alpha Quadrant. Of the five playable races featured in Birth of the Federation, the Ferengi are replaced by the Dominion, thus putting in the hands of the player the chance to take control of this enigmatic and powerful empire, originating more than 70,000 light-years away, in the distant and un-explored Gamma-Quadrant.

Play as the Dominion to utilize unique technology, fearsome Intel and powerful starships to bestow order and control onto the other races of the Galaxy, or play as either the Cardassians, the Federation, the Klingons or the Romulans and defend yourself and the worlds of your empire from this new threat to the supreme reign of your race. Be sure to gather what resources you need, research advanced technology, expand your empire by colonization and conquest, weaken and exploit your enemies with devious Intel campaigns and when the stage is set, lead your starships into challenging yet glorious space battles. Your very actions will determine the fate not only of your empire, but of the entire galaxy!


Ever since intelligence made it to the stars, it encountered its own likeness. Among the mysteries between the stars, every species found that it wasn’t alone. Yet in the void of space there are mysteries so powerful they can change the fate of many races…

Unknown to anyone except the scholars and priests of the domestic people, a stable wormhole existed in the Bajoran solar system since ages past. Revering and worshipping the Celestial Temple of the Prophets, the Bajorans failed to recognize the Wormhole for what it was. Until it was too late.

70,000 light-years from Bajor, the Wormhole had a stable terminus near the stellar territory of an ancient galactic power known as the Dominion. Created two millennia ago by a species of shape shifters, the Dominion was dedicated to order and control the ‘Solids’, all non-shape shifting races who for many centuries had feared and hunted the later Founders of the Dominion. Ruling with an iron fist over large parts of the distant Gamma-Quadrant, the Dominion had few enemies to fear. Then a stable passage was discovered, leading to sectors of space filled with uncontrolled solid life, which by its very nature would sooner or later endanger the integrity and order of the Dominion.

Large expeditions were sent through the passage into what by its indigenous races was called the ‘Alpha-Quadrant’. Led by the cunning and mischievous Vorta, the genetically engineered Jem’Hadar soldiers quickly overran the Bajorans and conquered the once peaceful worlds of the Bajoran system.

Setting the staging grounds on Bajor for their operations in the regions so far from their home territory, the Dominion is bend to one purpose: Extend the control and order of the Dominion over all of the Alpha-Quadrant. Every race which stands in its way will perish.

But the peoples of the Alpha-Quadrant will not easily abandon their worlds and already every race strives not only to fight of invaders but to become the one dominant force itself. Spanning galactic distances a clash of philosophies, technologies and cultures will ensue as it was never witnessed before anywhere between the stars…

Continuing the legacy of the Ultimate Dominion Mods originally created by WhiteEagle, UDM III takes the general approach of these Mods one step further in terms of game-play, balance, 3D models, artwork and AI mechanics.

Replacing the Ferengi Alliance, the Dominion is featured as a playable race, with a full-fledged fleet of unique ships, its very own character, strengths, weaknesses and game-play. All the other major powers have seen considerable revisions in regards to fleet composition, structures and overall approach.

Many minor races have been replaced with new ones, each with a unique special structure. There are also new space faring minors, featuring new ships never before seen in BotF!


This file is now part of the BOTF All in One 1.0.0 installer

Multi main installer 1.0.2 required before installation

Then just execute the UDM installer exe.

File updated 9-26-16 (removed sun animations for AMD video conflict)

Mod Features

General Mod Features

•Dominion replaces Ferengi as a playable race, featuring unique structures, starships and philosophy.
•Numerous new minor races, each providing unique advantages and some even have powerful ships of their own, including the Breen, the Son’a, the Maquis, the Ferengi, the Miradorn and several more… And Buildable if membered.
•New special structures, enhancing and specializing the production capacities of the individual empires
•Enhanced game mechanics to allow for a more challenging game-play in single- and multiplayer games
•Re-balanced planetary populations
•Smoother advancement of minor races
•Every minor race now has dilithium
•Orbital batteries and Shield Generators have been strengthened
•Changed population ship support and credit output
•Trade route thresholds changed and Ferengi free trade patch added
•changed planet and anomaly occurrence frequencies
•Gifts to minors the effect has been changed from 25 to 75 this will decrease effect and take more credits to get a minor to become a member
•Industry bonus for all races have been edited at all levels
•Tech levels have been changed to increase time between level lower levels and little or no change at higher tech
•Edo has been replaced with Bajor and given DS9 replaces Edo guardian
•The Borg cube has been replaced with Borg sphere
•Husnock has been replaced with species 8472
•Almost all models have been replaced so they use 8 phasers
•Minor race attitudes have been edited to reflect a more cannon feel
•ship names have also been changed
•new star names have been add
•All troop-transport and colony ships have weapons and can fight in combat
•New intro video and race intro for dominion
•Alt.res has new images for dominion voices by Tethys
•new sounds for dominion and minor race introductions
•Outpost no longer auto upgrade to starbase You will need to use second troop transport to upgrade

Changes for version ddb

ship to ship values edited lower to prevent large fleet not displaying properly
18 Task force code added

Changes for version dda

romulan extra building bonus changed to intel
all colony ships give 1 research building
all ship models replaced for new ship scale of 1.0
Advanced Starship Design Bureau decreased to bonus of 10%, energy of 25, cost 1500
ship to ship distance decreased to 0.30
all ships min range set to 0.0 for torpedoes and phasers

Changes for version dd

Shipstats were changed slightly for destroyers
minors ship upgrades tech required decreased
ship distance corrected
colony ships now place your current tech level buildings and all type buildings.
disabled "buy" conformation message

Changes for version dc

1024 x 768 will be a separate install
Shipyards in aibldreq.bin removed
Recloak removed from combat commands

Patches and fixes for version db

change to scale 200% -> 180% (done for next release of MPR++)
ship combat distance raised for all ships by 200 (done for next release of MPR++) this also will make ships display different in research screen (50% smaller when not in 3D mode)
Orion and Maquis building changed from intel bonus to raiding bonus (feds get slightly lower bonus)
All minor that had ships were given an extra starting ship for tech 1 (stats of lowest ship cut by 50%)
Morale overflow over 32767 bug (fix) -> fixed incomplete implementation
Divisor for event frequency of system-specific random events on 'impossible' set to 1500 (see #1.4)
"Eliminate Empire" via Bombing - Morale Omission Fix
Unremoved Stations of Dead Empires - Fix
Economic/Military score overflow workaround -> divisors set to 16 & 64
Disabled Buildings - Extra Morale Fix
Intel Bugfixes (#2.- 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5b)
% intel total two-in-one bug fix & % research (local) fix
Upgrading buildings bug (fix) -> updated
Production Bonus Adding Wrong Main Building IDs Fix
Colony Starting Pop/Buildings Index Bug Fix -> affects initial number of pop & buildings!
Food popup for max-growth fix
OB Tech Level Bug Fix for Minor- & Rebel-Systems
Ground Defense Bonus and Popup Fix for Minor & Rebel Systems
Planet 'Minos' Position Fix
Minor Race Add Fed T1 Main Food Bug Fix & Ships Limit Fix
Primitive Farms Not Upgradeable Bug Fix
Minors without Main Buildings System Takeover Bug Fix
all raiding patches 1-4
AI Buying Behavior all races set to same priorities Ships, Buildings/Upgrades, Gifts/Offers (in that order)
"Lower Level" Ship Type Index Bug Fix
Added all Shipyards in aibldreq.bin
Patches and fixes for version da
ship training bug fixed
allows solo commands without command ship
min cloak value lowered to 4 to allow any ship that can cloak able to use recloak during combat
all textures edited to fixed to not show transparent areas
replacement models added; saber, centar, intreped, regula outpost, X3 station (romulan starbase)
Patches and fixes though version d
the 1024 x 768 file were edited for new GUI for fed and dominion
klingon production values were increased
all gif images were replaced
new planet and sun images added
ship scale and combat distance slightly edited with slight phaser and torpedeo reductions
extended view sectors decreased
final exposion when ship is destroyed was decreased
Some buildings were given new energy values since the energy project is part of mod now

new starting systems
normal map
tech 1 home system only
tech 2 home + 1
tech 3 home + 2
tech 4 home + 3
tech 5 home + 4

large map
tech 1 home + 4
tech 2 home + 5
tech 3 home + 6
tech 4 home + 7
tech 5 home + 8

new starting fleet option added for home and extra starting systems
large maps also got slight increase to ship range, speed, and scanners and 50% decrease in ship support to allow larger fleets needed for large maps.

Borg Invasion bug fix
Weapons "Jamming" Fix for Space Stations
Cloak default fix for task forces
Edo God auto-hail bug-fix
Cloak enabled for Edo God & Combat Drone (1.b/ 2.a,b,c/ 3.a,b)
"cloak, withdraw & hold" commands in tactical combat + the broken command ability + Enabled custom descriptions for all commands
50% scrap rounded down
defensive bonus for Strike Cruisers against OBs
Raid fix wrt bankrupt empires
Disable [position2] Crew Experience thresholds
TradeGoods 1:1 only for AI
Disabling the system-specific Random Events for AI
Stolen Ships - Crew Experience Bug-fix
liberating foreign home systems fix(updated) & morale omission fix
Research Decay Bug-fix
Ship Repair - Ally & Shipyard Bug-fix
Outpost/Starbase self-repair bug (fix)
Map range tech field database fix (option A - updated)
Instant-Terraforming Bug-fix (updated)
Auto-Upgrading Ships (Options/Fixes):3-1 3-3
Outpost/Starbase for free bug-fix
broken feature fix wrt starting pop of extra starting systems
Liberating Native Systems (morale error fix - updated)
Fixed AI checks for borg presence
custom planet names for any system (fix)
Rebellions fixes regarding inhabitants from a dead empire & conquered minors(updated) + corrupted messages fix
Morale overflow over 32767 bug (fix)
Upgrading buildings bug-fix (updated)
Minor declares war - morale & message error (fix)
Shipname Appendix Fix
rejected friendship message bug (fix)
Crew Experience fixes 1 & 3
minor race hidden (from diplomacy) - bug fix
cardassian range bug
Starvation rounding bug
ship stats pop-up bug
Downgrade bug
Credit Output of a Star System
Population Support
Colonies: population, farms, factories
Population Limits free/minors/Additional Major Empire Starting Systems
gifts to minor races
terraforming / planet image bug (fix)
bonus points per crew experience level
raid messages
minor race's attitude towards the player will increase per turn if the players has a trade route to the minor race's system.
free trade
Generated monsters savegame bug fix (2.4)
zero growth rate minor planets fix
Ships survive with 0 HPs (fix) & OBs survive with 0 PTs (fix)
ramming fix with nominal hull pts for each turn
the AI minimum terraform threshold
Economic and Military Score (Overflow Fix)
Re-cloak during system attack bug-fix
Cloak default fix for task forces - UPDATE
use return key to send message
Always-100% Intel-Area-Bonus Bug-fix
intel Attack frequency difficulty level bias-fix
Intel department bonuses fix (Economic-, Scientific- & Military Intel)
Chance to Blame Others Always 30% Bug-fix
Deleted intel reports still in report-list workaround (crash if clicked on)
Disabled Buildings - Extra Morale Fix
Food popup for max-growth fix (current pop*2 is wrong)
Neutron Star Bug-fix (updated)
minor races: corrected difficuly level bias & pop growth (1-4)
Terraforming Fix for Additional Starting Systems and Minors (updated)
Adjusting trade good output
global multiplier for terraforming costs of all planets
meprvnum.bin bug-fix
ship building bonus to cards, dominion and klingon
Outpost and starbase claim change
Starting Fleet
fleet on all systems
starting fleet all levels
open boarders
corner check

Changes on 9-23-2010
trek.exe was updated to jokers latest patch

Changes in version 3.0.1a

Morale was reworked with a shared structure for empire wide for federation, Klingons, Romulans. This allowed a empire wide for Dominion (they did not have one before) With this most of the added bonuses have been balanced out.
A slight decrease to cost of upper industry structure to decrease upgrade time (only slight change)
The problem of too many systems on normal maps has been balanced out.
The building list has been resorted so minor do not build wrong buildings. (mainly Experimental Reman Facility and that type)
Starting home systems energy/pop bonus were balanced some.
The Dominion got a new structure "Shapeshifter network" for sabatage
corrected stats for Dominion Heavy Fortress I and Warbird II.
new structure for subjagated systems only for morale "Protectorate Headquarters" replaces Planetary admissions.
Trade center and Space port credit bonus reduced slightly.
Slight increase to Popular support multilier (ship support).
Ground combat multipliers have be edited with building structures corrected.

Larger Map Sizes
•Small: 30 x 22 sectors
•Medium: 40 x 30 sectors
•Large: 52 x 39 sectors
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Post by Martok »

Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this, thunderchero! We really appreciate it. :D
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Post by 29BQ »

I love this mod!

However... What happened to Coridan Shipyard and Guardian/Edo Guardian?
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Post by thunderchero »

Since there was never a model created for Coridan Shipyard.
The Edo/Coridan was replaced with Bajorians and Edo Guardian replaced with DS9.

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Post by Max_Sparta »

29BQ wrote:I love this mod!

However... What happened to Coridan Shipyard and Guardian/Edo Guardian?
Not sure about the shipyard but the Edo have been replaced by the Bajoran and the Guardian is now DS9.

And yes, wonderful work people, its been a pleasure to play and see develop over the last couple of years. I hope this quality carries on into UDM4 and beyond :D
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Post by 29BQ »

thunderchero wrote:Since there was never a model created for Coridan Shipyard.
The Edo/Coridan was replaced with Bajorians and Edo Guardian replaced with DS9.

ahhh.... I believe it is a structure of minor race. I miss Coridan Shipyard from old version of UDM. I love using them to pop out super ships in no time. XD

I wonder about Terok Nor, is it strong as Edo Guardian?
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Post by Mentat »

The Terok Nor(DS9) is a bit stronger then a Cardassian Nor Starbase Mark I. So don't fuss around with it, it can be lethal, especially for lower tech ships.

Thunder, cheers to all the work you put into the mod, I think its the best UDM ever and I really enjoyed helping you where I was able to.
Dominion Wars - Scenario
to be released for UDM3.0.1a !
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Post by Brodibble »

Thanks for making a great mod Thunder!
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Post by Tethys »

I cant wait to get around to playing this :D
Not for the weak of heart...
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Post by dafolks »

Not much else to say other than that this is a fantastic mod, and to say a huge thanks to all involved.

I would never have thought it possible to enhance a 10+y/o game with sso many inherant limitations. Brilliant job, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been enjoying this mod for some time now without actively posting.

One question for Mentat. Do you still intend to release the scenario mod for UDM? I'm hoping you do :D
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Post by thunderchero »

Right now it looks like 3 weeks (just making sure all the bugs are out) Then he plans on starting Dominion war scenario saves.


Edit: mentat pointed out an error in ship stats Dominion Heavy Fortress I has wrong accuracy stat it should be 284 not 191284 with such a high value I doubt if this will have much effect but will be corrected in first patch. ( I hope only patch) so keep an eye out for anything else. No patch at this time will be released for this.
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Post by thunderchero »

Just a note about next patch. this is planned, with almost 2400 new file, 2 videos, 5 wav files, 15 patches, unknown amount of edits in trek.exe being added, It is expected to have some minor errors. So just please report even the smallest thing. Even if some can not be fix they would be added to list of known bugs. (I hope all can be fixed) I have already started work towards this. The bug mickar reported with minors building wrong structures during my test has been fixed and stat change has been added.

I hope only one patch will be needed and would be released as full installer with Mentat Dominion war scenario saves in about 3-4 weeks

I also would like to thank everyone for there support and comments.

Personally I would like to thank Siggi and Whiteagle for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great mod and most of the thanks should go to them. :wink:

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Post by sean_west »

So Thunder,
Most of your time and effort over the last few years has culminated it the best trek advancement since the quantum Torpedo.

So my question to you is..........
beside a long deserved rest,
What now?
Like the bad guy from so many horror films,

I have returned
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Post by Damar_72 »

I`ve been a member a log time and in the last years I`ve played lots and lots of BOTF mods, thre were some very good ones, better than vanila, but this one is....THE BEST!

Awsome job, the best mod ever...!!
Love the new minor ships, love new structures and specially the new map size and hardest AI!

The "brain" modders (I`ll not mention because I could miss someone!), were able to "solve" many "problems"of the vanila and also been able to gave us lots of new improvements...!

The Next Frontier I think that would be to include more minors and maybe some new structures....! after all you`re able to include ships, planets, edit buildings and much more!

Congratulations and THANKS for give us a much more fun and harder game!
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Post by JeanLucPicard1 »

Siggi & Thunder,

Thank you so much for the time and detail you have put into this mod.
It is basically a new game for the most part. I thank any additional contributors as well. I was very impressed by your courtesy in regard
to taking other peoples wants and suggestions into consideration. Many modders for games like Armada make the game only the way they want it and don't take others suggestions into consideration. So, thank you again :D
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