UDM Dominion War Scenario Beta Test - for 3.0.1c and 3.0.1d

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Re: UDM Dominion War Scenario Beta Test - for 3.0.1c and 3.0.1d

Post by CosmicRays »

Hi all! Awesome MOD! Any updates coming for it anytime soon?

FYI I found an issue where, with MPR++ (maybe relevant) my game crashes whenever I:

1. Select to "Fight" cloaked ships as the Feds
2. Look at the ship data base as the Feds
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Post by deva5tator »

Mentat wrote: Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:21 am http://www.4shared.com/file/204937625/b ... N_WAR.html

This is the spreadsheet that I created to develope the scenario map. A few things in advance:
1.) The fat orange line devides Alpha and Beta Quadrant.
2.) The light blue lines depict the sector borders of ST Maps
3.) The black outlines are the actual sector borders ingame.
4.) Stars are represented in the colour as ST Maps imagined them.
5.) Some Minors whos homeworld location were unknown or unsure, I have simply attached to an existing Starsystem within range.
6.) Stars with big light blue markers show that Dilithium is present in that system.
7.) Small markers show Minor races that are not directly represented in the scenario (I may have missed one or two there)
8.) The Major and Medium powers main colonies are represented in darker and lighter colours, the darker ones represent core systems and the light coloured ones are fringe colonies. I used this system to set up the system sizes and qualities. Grey systems are basically of the lowest quality, and are meant to round up the map.

One more thing, Trek.exe is yet not modified to show all correct planet names, but if you use UE you will see that those are entered to the save, but overwritten by botf atm.

And a quick glimpse on a Fed early game situation.
Hi there, can I ask how you edited the map with or without the UE? Everytime I try the game crashes after 2 or 3 turns.. Thanks!
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Re: UDM Dominion War Scenario Beta Test - for 3.0.1c and 3.0.1d

Post by thunderchero »

this was done almost 10 years ago, so my memory may not be 100% accurate.

when Mentat started this project he had many failed attempts. main reason iirc was moving monster DS9 (not sure how, but monster DS9 was not used in saved games). So he ended up loading 100's of game before he got the right placement of certain systems mainly majors. also iirc map required no minor race ships since moving ships caused most issues. This is also why all saves start at t1 start.

good luck
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