"Lag" in production queue

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"Lag" in production queue

Post by Dewbacca » Sun May 18, 2014 4:06 pm

This is an odd bug I have encountered once or twice...

I am turn 145 or so in a game as the Feds and Sol's production has gotten weird.

A few turns back I was working on two light cruisers with a light explorer next in queue. One cruiser finished, appeared over Sol as expected, second one disappeared from queue with Explorer now requiring build time of Cruiser.

An upgrade of the 44 Mass Replicators from class 3 to 4 was queued next, so I bought the Explorer and proceeded to cycle thru systems and finish the turn.

But the Explorer didn't appear over Sol, a cruiser did, Explorer was not shown in production... and upgrade of Mass Replicators was now showing the time it takes to build an Explorer.

I worked thru about half of the required 12 turns listed to upgrade the Replicators, bought them and as you might guess... the light Explorer has appeared over Sol.

I don't think I have lost anything, but with sanity always in question I try to work thru little "WTF's" like this before posting and besides a recent post about a similar occurrence (but not exactly like this) I'm not finding this issue or remembering it happening before.

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Re: "Lag" in production queue

Post by thunderchero » Mon May 19, 2014 11:33 pm

That is a strange one there, never heard of that happening.


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