custom planet names for any system (fix)

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custom planet names for any system (fix)

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This split off post has been slightly edited.
Mentat wrote:I recall sucessfully changing names of planets in savegames. In a way that those names really showed up ingame after doing so. atm., I find that none of my changes in this regard are to be found on the respective map ingame. While my changes in the save are not vanishing on reload, BOTF seems to ignore them and hands every planet in regard his position a latin number, e.g.: Altair Prime (Planet 3) would be named Altair III ingame. Something seems to overwrite the information I have entered ingame.
Botf ignores planet names on any system that is not a major empire home system. Instead of reading planet names from systInfo botf takes the system name and adds roman numbers to them.

This can be fixed by editing trek.exe:

here's how you can stop botf from overridding planet names.

Open trek.exe with a hex editor and at 0xFC2E9 replace 0F 83 FA 03 00 00 with 90 90 90 90 90 90

After that renaming planets will work in any system.

Side note:
This also prevents the planet name "Minos" showing up in the combat-drone system.
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Thanks DCER, great job.
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