rejected friendship message bug (fix)

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rejected friendship message bug (fix)

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daniel wrote:Greetings, I noticed a bug in the diplomacy for peace treaties. In fact the bug comes from the refusal of proposition of friendship.

Here in the image of the friendship proposition , normally it is Cardassians which should reject me the proposition. Unfortunately the Federation which rejects me instead of Cardassians

and i obtain this message in messages screen

it's just the lexicon line " %s1 rejected a friendship proposal from %2 " that i say. the bug is here
Normaly we could interchange 1 and 2 in the entry. But since its used more than one time in trek.exe, this will only move the problem from diplomacy screen to the event list. :(

However I found the code error. :)

trek.exe at 0xC63F0 replace D8 with C8

and at 0xC63FB replace C8 with D8.
I don't know how many bugs is too many but that point is reached somewhere before however many in BotF is.
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