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Re: Larger Taskforces Patch

Post by thunderchero »

while looking at the extended ship list code I noticed that the taskforce patch is patched directly before the extended ship list code. I am starting to wonder if the combination is breaking code. Here is vanilla and trek patched/edited with both TF and extended shiplist

here is vanilla
vanilla.jpg (163.73 KiB) Viewed 70 times
after.jpg (148.29 KiB) Viewed 70 times
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Re: Larger Taskforces Patch

Post by Spocks-cuddly-tribble »

TF change in your picture looks like a redundant code optimization (should work like vanilla just with two bytes freed up).

I don't know if this is intended or a patch bug.
I don't know how many bugs is too many but that point is reached somewhere before however many in BotF is.
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