C++ Lesson 3: Classes

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Re: C++ Lesson 3: Classes

Post by Haleth » Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:35 pm

Dr_Breen wrote:is there anyway to tell code::blocks to automatically use the "include" folder? i always had to enter it into the build options menu.

btw nice examples. working trough them right now.
after that i'm looking for some bigger homework i can do. do you know any websites where they give you some projects you can do, but ALSO offer an example source to it? i like doing it this, so when i'm stuck somewhere i can check how it could be done.

edit: got it. under settings->compiler you can set to add the "include" folder to the directories searched permanently

edit: okay im trough the example you made. looking forward to hear a bit about inheritance and pointers :-)

BTW who is still in? am i the only one?
i mean this ^^

but i dont find it

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