Huge map, endless game

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Huge map, endless game

Post by RomSurprise » Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:26 pm

I'm playing the huge galaxy mod, or "the endless game". The Federation is long gone, and the Cardassians are down to one world I haven't bothered bombing. I recently met the Klingons (turn 497) who were also attacking the Ferrengi.

More recently (turn 518) I triggered something unusual - a new system starting at 57 morale. Besides the boost for colonizing a system, I got a battle victory for wiping 15 Klingon ships and a star base. But the real kicker was the "imperial holiday" for the fall of the Ferrengi empire (+50 morale). Nice bonus.

But overall, it's a nearly endless game. I declared war on the Klingons when they took a Ferrengi system and then complained I was growing too close to their borders. Yeah, right. My Romulan troop transports (movement speed 1) take 25 turns to reach the front... assuming I don't move the front forward.

Fun to play the huge map once, but there probably should be something between large and the huge size.

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Re: Huge map, endless game

Post by Dr_Breen » Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:17 pm

the shipspeeds should be altered as's still a different gameplay with a huge map, but it doesn't take you forever getting somewhere
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