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Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 12:04 pm
by Axis
Hi to everyone!

I might have an idea for a new Star Trek series.

I call it Pioneer, a different approach to Trek. Like in the 2009 movie, we saw a start of a different timeline.
What if the timeline was somehow disrupted a long time before those events?
Also, in the "Into Darkness"-movie Khan talked about that "Robocop-Weller-Admiral" :grin: was trying to form a militarized starfleet.

There`s also those Band of Brothers and The Pacific-series that have also influenced my idea.

And a little about myself : I`m a 2nd Lieutenant (in reserve), I served in the reconnaissance branch (the tough guys :wink: ) in the Finnish army (yes, I`m from Finland). I also have watched a lot of Trek all the way from youth, I am a fan.

The idea has matured for about ten years now, and I thought this could be a place where to present some basics of it.

The UFP was never formed as we know it, but The Terran Federation came instead, I think it was because, someone somehow got in between the Earth and the Vulcans, so we formed our own Federation. Later on the usuals (The Vulcans and some of the others) became a part of it. Also, the Romulans would be a part of this new Federation, perhaps because they don`t perceive this new government so "soft".

Then there would be a new type of ship in use : a four-nacelle carrier! The USS Nemesis, or Nemesis-class carrier USS Pioneer as flagship (and the centerpoint of events in the series).
On board, there`d be a company of marines (Terran Federation Marine Corps or TFMC), 100 fighters with naval aviators and the usual crew with all ranks (not just the officers).

The captain is Admiral and his name is Patrick Avataris, a latino with a beard and a crewcut (his beard would be like that of Sisko`s).
The first officer would be a Romulan female named Alexis Hister (with a scar from a battle with klingons or something like that).

And the ship would never be alone in space, but it would be accompanied with at least a Dreadnought, some cruisers, a handful of destroyers and maybe a "Science Vessel" to do some recon ahead.

An 100 episodes should be produced, and the story would continue from the last episode, just like in the BoB, the Pacific and almost every other scifi series.

There would be a war going on with the Borg, and I mean an active campaign from the Feds (and later on some others as well) against the Borg, because they have taken the entire delta quadrant in their hands, and are moving to take the entire galaxy!

Someone has to do something! and that`s what the series would tell us about. And they`d win!

Of course it would not be about war entirely, but the approach should be very much like in the BoB and the Pacific, some episodes about the war, some about the life of the crew and some about science and mysteries like we know from Trek.

We should also see colony ships and troop transports from time to time. The colony ships would be quite large, like the explorer class in the Babylon 5 was compared to the starbase itself. The fighters would also be used on planetary bombardment surgical attacks supporting the marines coming from the troop transports.

The dreadnoughts and other ships in the battlegroup(s) would be used on ship-to-ship battles and large and hard-target bombardments on planets.

The fighters itself would look a little like the X-wing from the Star Wars (with shorter wings in a fixed position), but be basically like a shuttlecraft with wings with phaser cannons on the wingtips.

And the marines would use camouflaged uniforms on the field, changing the colours when in desert, jungle, arctic, etc.

That`s about it... The basics so far.

Re: Pioneer

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:18 am
by Axis
Continued :

The series would span 10 years of time, and be set sometime in the Enterprise-C timeperiod.

The Admiral would eventually retire from starfleet and get married with Alexis, also after the war he would be elected President of the Federation, just like Eisenhower was elected.

One thing caught my eye this morning, when in pinterest : there has been a starfleet aircraft carrier for some movie or so, an Akira-class light carrier.
So, it would not be impossible to have even a heavy- or strike carrier in the show (I think about the Nemesis-class a strike carrier).
And my own thoughts of such a ship in the show, would be that it would present much more targets against a Borg-cube when in battle.

Those marines onboard would also bring some more variation to the show, how they are doing when aboard, when in battle situations or on a shoreleave or something. You know, "those jarheads".

Thoughts, anyone?