releasing minor systems

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releasing minor systems

Post by runetraveller » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:48 am

just wondering -
conquering and defeating an enemy major, have their minors under control already.... after the major is crushed, is there a way to 'unconquer' the minors, maybe attempt diplomacy .... so i dont have to keep using police state to keep them functioning?

i should i just let them rebel and do it that way?

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Re: releasing minor systems

Post by KrazeeXXL » Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:32 am

Minors should be focussed on before any actions are taken against its major.

When minors freely joined that major, any military action against that major will make the minor dislike you. So, I'd advice to bribe them out of membership before you go to war. When you're already at war, you should refrain from harassing the major. Any moral minus (lost battles) they get from your actions isn't good and you'll need tons and tons of more credits to make the minor like you.

A good way to support getting a minor out of a membership is intel. But it's very crude and may not take effect on the areas you want it to have to. (works better against smaller empires in the beginning)

When you've already subjugated them, letting them rebel out of your empire is really bad. That's the worst option and this'll take them to a point where it's more than possible that they'll join other majors nearly for free when they're on their own again. It's important what they think of you. Membership is a race you have to win against other majors and it's all about what they think about you. Once they rebelled from you, it becomes very very tough to get them back to "membership-ready-state".

There are a couple of things to consider.

I'd bribe them out of membership if they are a high tier/quality minor. With that I usually mean if they're one of the research minors or have any of the other top tier bonuses. It could also be a lower tier minor with a very well developed and amazing system.

What's the big plus of a member? The moral bonuses which leads to higher production and research.
And it's cool to have a lot of research and production but often it's not really needed. Esp. when you're large already. Subjugated systems are amazing for the sole purpose of generating intel and nothing else. This leaves some of your other systems free to focus on more important things.

If it's a bad minor with an average system which doesn't like your race and which would hinder you massively for a long time to take action against its major, I'd just consider to wipe it out. You'll save a lot of credits this way. You're also safer from enemy intel attacks which may focus on getting a minor to rebel against you which is really bad.

Most of the time I bribed them out. There's the possibility that this can fail and this is really expensive and annoying. So, it's usually better to make a hard cut and consider if you really need that minor and its bonus at all. Getting it as a member may not worth the ressources and may weaken you overall.

So, it's your decision to make. I'd take role-playing into account, too. So, playing as feds the goal should be to bribe them out. Since most minors love feds, it's way easier to do, too.
Playing fergs is pretty much the same. You've tons of credits after all.

Cards, klings and roms could easily use other options.

- Klings love to bomb. It's very cheesy but I'd leave the minimum force on a minor system I don't really want anyway and just bomb it for empire-wide moral points, when I need it.
- With cards I'd just subjugate and don't care at all
- Roms are pretty much in the middle and while it'd be wortwhile to bribe, I'd just consider subjugating and making an intel minor as well. They've the best intel buildings, so it just feels natural. They're also more resistant to intel attacks from the outside

It's cool to have all the minors as members but getting them there can be a chore. Note that when you play against feds and fergs, bribing a minor can become a difficult task. And may not be worth it at all. You put lots of credits in it, it joins and can even leave again just because it generally likes another major more from the start.

Considering the fact that majors may have millions of credits at their disposal to throw at the minor, a membership can be a very unsafe option here. So, a conquered minor may be the safer bet.

It all comes down to what you need and want. If it's a key-minor in a key position, I'd definitely want the moral bonuses of it. If it's a bad minor on the edge of the map, I wouldn't care about it. May not be worth the hassle.

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