Hi Everyone,

The 20th Anniversary of the release of Birth of the Federation is now less than 2 months away "May 25 2019" it is gratuitous that it also falls on Saturday.

I propose we gather on GameRanger for quick multi-player games and reminiscing about our favorite game.

I will try to be on GameRanger as much as I can that day and night and hope to see you there.


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suggestions to improve game play/installation support for Windows

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suggestions to improve game play/installation support for Windows

Post by thunderchero » Tue Jul 19, 2016 8:17 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed a few reports of windows 7 with the windows 8/10 mouse lag. also members have commented self support could be better (could not find info or could have been explained better).

first thing to do....
streamline support a little since most problems are across the board all windows operating systems instead of separate topics for each OS version.

So what would be the best way to present the info (text with images or video) and what info is needed?

also what problems have you experienced? and how did you resolve issues?

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