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Destroy a race in one shot

Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:22 pm
by pal28
Hey all when i provided the cheats last or all of you know you can use the money cheats to build 3 task force of 18ships. To Destroy a Colony Cardassion or Dominion in 1 shot Build these ship fleets wich should help you Destroy the colony. 18 Dreadnoughts, 18 Prometheius, 18 Galaxy Eplrorers that will destroy the colony in 1 shot. As Thunderchero explains from what iv experienced in the game the reason why the game goes slow after 150 turns there are too many Allies or enemy ships you have to destroy its not the colonys its the amount of ships from the races thunderchero is correct on this please test out my task force to see if it works for you 18galaxy,18soverign,18 Promethieus