Cardassians, does AI hate them?

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Cardassians, does AI hate them?

Post by thunderchero » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:33 am

Hi Everyone,

I have been running many TPT tests and on almost every test so far the AI will eliminate the Cardassians first. My current streak is 7 tests games with each time cards gone first, most of the time before turn 200.

I just thought it was funny, maybe I should start testing playing as the Cardassians? lol

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Re: Cardassians, does AI hate them?

Post by Martok » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:11 pm

If we're talking about the vanilla game, then yes the Cardies generally get taken out first in my games as well. This is especially true on Tech 1 games, but even on higher settings they still tend to be eliminated before everyone else.

The empire that gets eliminated the second-most often are the Romulans. I'm guessing that since they're more or less the "jack of all trades" race (pretty decent at everything, but not great at any one thing), the AI just doesn't know how to play them as effectively.

The Klingons are a distant third. It seems like how well they do in a game (when played by the AI) tends to be situational: A poor starting position will likely sink them, but given a decent starting position (or even just an average one), they can be downright formidable. I've had plenty of games where Qo'nos ended up being my main rival. :)

Unless I'm the one that takes them out, I rarely see the Feds or Ferengi eliminated by the AI (although it *does* happen -- just not often). I can pretty much count on one of these two empires being my main rival more often than not.
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Re: Cardassians, does AI hate them?

Post by KrazeeXXL » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:06 pm

Yup, Cards are probably the worst. I remember only two or three games where the AI was "successful" in playing them.

Perhaps the AI has too much focus on intel buildings combined with higher ship costs.

Iirc ship costs were balanced out this way because of the stronger hull. They took a bit longer to build, too.
Not sure about the exact numbers. Haven't looked in UE nor played the Cards for a very long time.

The AI might mess up build orders as well and may not be able to pump ships out as fast as it really needs to compete.

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