Comical dialog in the game

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Comical dialog in the game

Post by Deimos » Sat Jul 27, 2019 12:34 am

I always remember when I first played BOTF, I always played the Federation as I loved the LCars interface for them.

But one thing that made me laugh out loud on occasion was the dialogue during battle scenes.

I remember I had a scout shit exploring random planetary systems and I came across that system with the automated drone defence system (Echo papa drone), I remember from the TNG series it was a tough little thing for the enterprise to beat, so I chose the fight option.

A rather cocky and arrogant female voice says "That ship is no threat to this vessel!"
Then seconds later "Ahhhhhhh!!!" (dies)

I really don't know why I found that amusing, but it just tickled me at the time.

I'm pretty sure the other major races all said something overly confident about that echo papa drone, but all died very quickly.

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Re: Comical dialog in the game

Post by Martok » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:33 pm

Yeah, that's always pretty amusing. :)

I enjoy the written dialogue in the diplomacy interactions as well. One of my favorites is when I propose an alliance with the Romulans while I'm still at war with them (I'll occasionally do this just for the hell of it). Their typical response is that I have a peculiar sense of humor; cracks me up every time! :lol:
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