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1.0.3 new vanilla

Post by Borgus » Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:10 pm

I've installed BOTF_1.0.3_ship_pack_English_a.exe, complete with Ship Pack.
Generally seems fine, but I found some issues with it:

- (Cardassian) outpost appear waaaaayyy to big in battle ... federation light cruiser and troop transport looked like 2-men shuttles against it, and started combat right in front of the main ring, in 1-ship-length distance ...

- Cardassian Scout/ScoutII appears too big in battle, too!

edit: Delete what is, as I just have been told/remembered, normal and most likely un-fixable BotF standard behaviour ... :roll:
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Post by Borg » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:22 am

I did the same thin stopped playing on BOTF for a long time the, then I reinstalled BOTF and installed that new version of 1.02 and then 1.0.3 ship pack Englishcomplete with Ship Pack.

I you I also have to rescale some ships down and the Cardssian out post for 1000 to 475, also I have to sort out the Romulan destoryer and cruiser modles around, but then I thort why not mod BOTF 1.0.3? so I did,
I made star bases and out post stronger and better beam and torpedo accuracy so they can do there job better.

I have changed the Cardassian and the Klingons ships around a bit
just the heavy and battle ships around like the keldon class is the Cardassian BBS and the Galor is the HC, same with the klingon the Negh'var BBS the Vor'cha HC, gose ike this.

Cardassaians ships

Keldon class BBS.
Galor class HC.
Brinok class LC note I found the Brinok model out Armada 2 from some one els mod.
Janissary class DD again model out of Armada 2 form other Botf mods.
Kulinor class Strike cruiser model out of Armada 2 form other Botf mods.
Hideki class scout.

Klingon ships
Negh'var class BBS.
Vor'cha class HC.
Suq'jagh class Stirke cruiser the model out of Armada 2 same resion.
K'vort class DD used model from ship back .
B'rel class scout no change becouse no need its all ready done.

Last thin made map size bigger, but there a lot more changes I have done but am not listing them all becouse there so much say on this posting I think I have gone on and on a bit :D

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