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1.0.3 (ECM) original release post

Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:41 pm
by thunderchero
Multi 1.0.3 english\german

This Mod has been nick named "the new Vanilla"


Installing Mods
BEFORE INSTALLING ANY MOD ENGLISH.RES AND GERMAN.RES MUST BE IN Vanilla (1.0.2) game path (default C:\botf) for more info see this post;

After starting installer you will be able to select if you want a desktop icon for mod. Next option you will have is what base language to install mod on.
Example 1:
if installing UDM english "you speak german" and select german as base install for mod, you would get as much german in game as that mod will allow.
Example 2:
if installing BOP english, since there is 2 language versions there is no reason not to use same base language.

Before installer completes You will be asked to select 3D setting for stbof.ini DIRECT3D or SOFTWARE

WARNING: If you change install path of mod or 1.0.2 there can be no spaces in path

Example: C:\Program Files\botf This will cause multiplayer sessions to fail.

WARNING: If same version of mod is installed to different location or even different language of same mod, install path and start menu path should be changed so not to overwrite first version that was installed.

NOTE: If more than one version of same mod installed. It is unknown what version warzone will select to run. (this is not recommended)

English Download Link;

File size 2.39mb
hard drive space required 312mb

German Download Link;

File size 2.35mb
hard drive space required 314mb

Here is an example of my desktop and start menu after installing new mods and installer;

All mods and 1.0.2 are playable :wink:

This is the original game, But with most of the bugs fixed here is a all the changes:

Note: all this info is in read me file.

1. Cardassian range bug By: Gowron/ketteringdave

trek.exe position 0x18E8D4 Replace 01 with 02

2. AI fleet buildup bug By: Joker

New ship order is: starbase, outpost, command, strike cruiser, cruiser, destroyer, scout, colony, troop.

3. Cardassian territory-pic bug By: Joker

replaced c_check.tga with that from Joker's page

4. Combined textures for explosions By: thunderchero

Explosion textures replaced so all races use same files to lower palette count (102)

5. Torpedo and phaser By Joker/thunderchero

Phasers are from Jokers Phaser mod and torpedoes are new images by thunderchero

6. German taskforce description bug By: DCER

trek.exe at 0x17FAFF replace "Sternueuschiffe" with "Sternenschiffe"

7. German inhabitant display bug (german only)By: DCER

trek.exe at 0x18058C "..Humans.." should be replaced with "Menschen.."
trek.exe at 0xFAE87 "68 8C 27 58 00" should be replaced with "68 8A 27 58 00"

8. Starvation rounding bug By: Gowron

trek.exe position 0x42AE9

DC 0D D4 88 57 00 D9 FA DC 0D DC 88 57 00 31 D2 8B 43 40 89 94 24 B8 00 00 00 89 84 24 B4 00 00 00 DF AC 24 B4 00 00 00 D9 C9 D9 E0 DE C9

DC 0D DC 88 57 00 D9 FA 31 D2 8B 43 40 89 94 24 B8 00 00 00 89 84 24 B4 00 00 00 DF AC 24 B4 00 00 00 DE C9 D9 E8 DE C1 90 90 90 90 D9 E0

9. Bandi advancement bug By: Gowron

racetech.tec position 0x158

C829 0000 342A 0000 A02A 0000 0C2B 0000 0000

5C29 0000 C829 0000 342A 0000 A02A 0000 0C2B

10. Image errors fixed By: thunderchero

Resized cun_b.tga, fun_a.tga, antedean.tga to proper size

11. Enraged Antedean bug By: Gowron - "Antideans" has to be changed to "Antedeans"

12. ship stats pop-up bug By: DCER

before -> after

1.Remove ShipBox error message

At 0x17FC28 fill with 15x 0x00

2.Disable error message at 0x13D208

75 1C -> EB 1C

jnz short loc_53DE26 -> jmp short loc_53DE26

3.Change code flow at 0xEC14A

0F 84 14 01 00 00 -> E9 BB 10 05 00 90

jz loc_4ECE64 -> jmp loc_53DE0A, nop

4.Overwrite error message at 0x13D20A

BB 24 7A 58 00, BA 47 00 00 00, B8 34 7A 58 00, E8 92 A3 FC FF, 85
C0, 74 04, 85 C9, 74 E4


89 2D 28 1E 58 00, 0F 84 4E F0 FA FF, E9 35 EF FA FF, B8 71 05 00
00, E8 BB D4 F4 FF, C3

mov ebx, offset aWidgetNull
mov edx, 47h
mov eax, offset aWidget_c
call sub_5081B0
test eax, eax
jz short loc_53DE26
test ecx, ecx
jz short loc_53DE0A


mov offsetShipboxNull, ebp ; stores whether this ship is unknown for later use
jz loc_4ECE64 ; if 0 load normal image else load ufo image
jmp loc_4ECD50
mov eax, 571
call sub_48B2E0

5.Disable error message at 0x6EDD0

75 A1 -> EB 1A

jnz short loc_46F9EC -> jmp short loc_46F9EC

6.Overwrite error message at 0x6EDD2

BE 2C AD 57 00, BB EC AD 57 00, BA 2D 01 00 00, 89 F0, E8 C8 87 09 00, 85 C0, 75 EB


E8 44 E4 0C 00, 50, 8D 44 24 04, 50, E8 B7 43 0A 00, 83 C4 08, E9 36 B9 07 00, 90, 90

mov esi, offset a____SourceG_22
mov ebx, offset aShipclassmemIs
mov edx, 12Dh
mov eax, esi
call sub_5081B0
test eax, eax
jnz short loc_46F9D7


call sub_53DE1B
push eax
lea eax, [esp + 04h]
push eax
call sprintf_
add esp, 8
jmp loc_4EB320
2x nop

7.Disable error message at 0xEC043

75 1C -> EB 1C

jnz short loc_4ECC61 -> jmp short loc_4ECC61

8.Overwrite error message at 0xEC045

BB 28 1E 58 00, BA 2B 03 00 00, B8 AC 1D 58 00, E8 57 B5 01 00, 85 C0, 74 04, 85 F6, 74 E4


83 3D 28 1E 58 00 00, 0F 85 80 2D F8 FF, 8B 94 24 A8 02 00 00, E9 14 E6 FF FF, 90, 90, 90

mov ebx, ds:aShipboxNull
mov edx, 32Bh
mov eax, offset a____SourceU_71
call sub_5081B0
test eax, eax
jz short loc_4ECC61


cmp ds:aShipboxNull, 0
jnz loc_46F9D2
mov edx, [esp + 2A8h]
jmp loc_4EB272
3x nop

9.Change code flow at 0xEA66B

8B 94 24 A8 02 00 00 -> E9 D5 19 00 00, 90, 90

mov edx, [esp + 2A8h]


jmp loc_4ECC45
2x nop

13. Disable the experience bar for ships that you don't own By: DCER


10.Replace owner check with one checking for player empire at 0xEC1CB

66 83 FA 05 0F 83 08 01 00 00 31 C0


3A 15 2A 2B 5A 00 0F 85 44 00 00 00

cmp dx, 5
jnb loc_4ECEDD
xor eax, eax


cmp dl, ds:byte_5A2B2A
jnz loc_4ECE1B

14. card/kling buttons on object database (German only)

swap the names:

ct_pop0.tga with ct_rnd0.tga

ct_pop1.tga with ct_rnd1.tga

New images for:

BEVÃ-LKERUNG from kt_pop0.tga & kt_pop1.tga

FORSCHUNG from kt_rnd0.tga & kt_rnd1.tga

15. Building upgrade cost bug By:DCER

At 0x5EAE9:

66 89 F8

replace with

90 89 F8

At 0x5FAC8:

66 89 C2

replace with

90 89 C2

At 0x5FAEB:

66 89 56 04 31 D2 66 8B 56 04

replace with

90 89 56 04 90 90 90 90 90 90

At 0x5FB03:

66 01 42 2A

replace with

90 01 42 2A

16. Downgrade bug By:DCER

trek.exe locations: 0x7010B, 0x70113, 0x7011B replace 7F with 7D
and at 0x70123 -> 7E with 7C

17. Galaxy II 640points beam bug By: Spocks-cuddly-tribble\DCER

shiplist.sst - relative offsets of GalaxyII (replace the following values with zeros):

+0xB4 (01), +0xB8 (96), +0xBC (08 ), +0xC0 (50), +0xC4 (0C), +0xC8 (01)
and at +0x101-103 (E0 75 40)

18. klingon starbase distance bug By: Gowron/Jigalypuff

All placement values cut by 50% with UE

19. Terraform graphic bug By: DCER

switch vtos.ani at 0x177214 and dtol.ani following it in trek.exe

20. build and scrap 50% round up By: Gowron

The new code to be inserted is
40 // inc eax
D1E8 // shr eax, 1

The first statement increases the ship value by one credit, and the second statement divides it by 2, rounding down. Put together, this means that the
ship cost is halved and rounded UP.

(if you want it to be rounded down instead, just replace the "40" by a "90")

Of course, inserting new code into a subroutine moves the following part of that subroutine to a different offset, and that means that all code references
pointing to or from that area need to be updated correspondingly, else they'd become invalid (read: "crash to desktop".

So here's what to do:

Step 1: Inserting the New Code

Open trek.exe, copy the area at position 0x68837 through 0x68866 (48 bytes in total) and paste it at position 0x6883A through 0x68869.
Then, go to position 0x68837 again and change
01 07 46

40 D1 E8

Step 2: Fixing the References

Don't do this before Step 1!!
At position 0x687F2, change
7E 50

7E 53

At position 0x68835, change
74 02

74 05

At position 0x68845, change
7C B2


At position 0x68850, change
E8 72 E2 FE FF

E8 6F E2 FE FF

At position 0x68859, change
E8 65 00 FE FF

E8 62 00 FE FF

I want to thank everyone involved in finding all the bug and fixes


Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 8:01 am
by Flocke
Just had a look to the german readme while preparing news on the german board and found some translation faults:

Point 20 has been translated completely wrong in sense from "build and scrap 50% round up", meaning scrapping ships will now return 50% buildcost instead of 100%, to "Rundungsbug beim bauen und Abreissen (50%)", retranslated: "Rounding bug at building and demolishing (50%)".
I would prefer something like "50% Rückerstattung" meaning "50% payback" or "50% Rückerstattung bei Schiffsverschrottung" meaning "50% payback on scrapping ships".

Point 16 is still in english and could be clarified anyway to for example "crew experience downgrading bug", in german "Crewerfahrungs-Degradierungsbug".

Point 15 is wrong translatet to "upgrade costs at upgrading" and should better be called "Gebäudeaufrüstungsbug bei sehr hohen Kosten", retranslated: "building upgrade bug on very expensive costs". Correctly translated would be "Gebäudeaufrüstungskostenbug" but I prefer to make clear that the bug is not the cost itself but the upgrading on very expensive cost.

Point 2 should be translated to "KI Flottenaufbau-Bug".

I'm not that happy with many other points, too.
Here's what I'll post in the news on german board if interested:
1. Cardassianischer Reichweitenbug
2. KI Flottenaufbau-Bug
3. Neue cardassianische Territoriumstextur (zur besseren Unterscheidung zur klingonischen Textur)
4. Gemeinsame Texturen bei Explosionen
5. Neue Torpedo- und Phasergrafiken
6. Flottenbezeichnungsbug (nur deutsche Version: "Sternueuschiffe" statt "Sternenschiffe")
7. Anzeigebug der Bevölkerung (nur deutsche Version: "..Humans.." statt "Menschen..")
8. Rundungsfehler bei Hungersnöten (Systeme können nun verhungern)
9. Bug beim Fortschritt der Bandis
10. Bilddateifehler korrigiert (falsche Auflösung)
11. Aufgebrachte Antedeaner Bug (hier bestand ein Datenzuordungsfehler)
12. Schiffsstatus-Popup-Bug (der die Eigenschaften unbekannter Schiffe verriet)
13. Ausschalten des Erfahrungsbalkens bei gegnerischen Schiffen
14. Namensvertauschung der Cardassianischen/Klingonischen Knöpfe in der Objektdatenbank
15. Gebäudeaufrüstungsbug bei sehr hohen Kosten
16. Crewerfahrungs-Degradierungsbug (bei exaktem Erreichen einer Erfahrungsstufe sprang der angezeigte Erfahrungswert oftmals)
17. Galaxy II 640 Schadenspunkte Phaser Bug (die Galaxy II hatte einen unsichtbaren spezial Phaser)
18. Bug mit der Kampfdistanz Klingonischer Sternenbasen (Platzierungswerte wurden halbiert)
19. Terraform Grafik-Anzeigefehler
20. 50% Rückerstattung bei Schiffsverschrottung (bisher 100%)

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:14 am
by Dr_Breen
lol...there were a few things i did not understand what they were about (bugs i've never heard of) however i tried to transate them so that they made sense to me...possible that i understood stuff may correct the translation if you want. thunderchero will sure be glad to update the german version then

about point 20: before you got 100% of the credits back and now you get 50%? so it was actually no bug? i thought it was a bug, so the game did something wrong with the rounding

about point 15 and 16...i thought most german ppl understand the words Upgrade and downgrad so i left them in...Crewerfahrungs-Degradierungsbug is quite a long word....downgrade actually hits the nail on the head

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:39 am
by Flocke
Dr_Breen wrote:lol...there were a few things i did not understand what they were about
That's exactly what I mean!
Some points are already hard to understand in english but with translation partially it got even more worse. ;)
At point 15 you missed to mention the buildings, that's why I called it wrong translated. "Upgrade", although not a german word, is already quite common in german language, that's true.

I believe it would be good to clarify some of the points in english as well...

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:51 am
by Dr_Breen
Flocke wrote: That's exactly what I mean!
thats y i wrote i did not understand it lol

however feel free to change it...i still have to translate the UCW readme today which is huge, and will take me an hour or two.

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:00 am
by Flocke
Dr_Breen wrote:
Flocke wrote: That's exactly what I mean!
thats y i wrote i did not understand it lol
I never said it's on you to do so. :lol:
Of course you can't clarify what you don't understand by yourself.

I tried to clarify a little where I know what's meant with it, but dunno what's meant by cardassian range bug or Image errors or why exactly explosion palette had to be reduced.
By the way, I've alot to program today.... :mrgreen:

Edit: as about point 20, yeah it's no bug in terms of functionality but combined with autoupgrading it got heavily abused to gain credits so it's more like a failure in game design
think about building 50 colony ships, upgrading them by research and getting four times more credits back than they did cost if scrapping in a system with active shipyard. ;)

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 11:53 am
by Spocks-cuddly-tribble
Flocke wrote:9. Bug beim Fortschritt der Bandis
Symptom: temporärer Bodenkampf Wert über 30.000
Flocke wrote:17. Galaxy II 640 Schadenspunkte Phaser Bug (die Galaxy II hatte einen unsichtbaren spezial Phaser)
nicht unsichtbar, fehlt nur in der Auflistung der Schiffswaffen
Flocke wrote:19. Terraform Grafik-Anzeigefehler
Tatsächlich vertauschte Planeten Grafiken, aber die abweichenden Terraform Gitter sind das einzige Symptom von allgemeinem Wiedererkennugswert.
Flocke wrote:dunno what's meant by cardassian range bug
At propulsion tech level 8 cardassians actually lose short range until reached level 9.
Flocke wrote:if scrapping in a system with active shipyard
Need of shipyards it's just a myth, own system & undamaged = credits :wink:

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:59 pm
by thunderchero
Talk about digging up old post...........

I have started work on update for this project.

My plans;

new install options; Large maps installed, exteneded small view for large maps, english and german in one installer.

replacement of models in ship pack option.

So my question is....

Are there any bug fixes/exploits that need to be added.


P.S. I am sure to hear from Spocks-cuddly-tribble :wink:

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:22 am
by Spocks-cuddly-tribble
Well, taken from “Find all posts by Spocks-cuddly-tribbleâ€

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:43 am
by thunderchero
Spocks-cuddly-tribble wrote:Long story short: to keep (ship scrap fix), or not to keep - that is the question. :?:
First thanks for all your suggestions,

And I have thought about returning ship scrapping to vanilla value :wink:


Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 3:58 pm
by KrazeeXXL
Spocks-cuddly-tribble wrote: The problem is that vanilla itself is such imbalanced (therefore BotF doesn't deserve the title "strategy game", imo).
I totally agree to your conclusion.
Spocks-cuddly-tribble wrote: Long story short: to keep (ship scrap fix), or not to keep - that is the question. :?:
regardless of the "community"...

keep it. It's definetely a big improvement to vanilla. Those guys who like to play bugs and call them strategies shall stay with their beloved vanilla imo.
It's just about how to exploit bugs in the best way. Nothing for me and many other ppl I know. (and who never post @afc btw)

We like to play this game it was meant to be.

btw I can't remember that someone ever called it "Scraperation" instead of Federation :lol:

p.s.: big thx for the continous work on the 1.03 project tc and tribble

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:17 am
by trekker-
I've taken it upon myself to fix the incorrect ship models for the cardassians and romulans. I've already fixed the images, now just to switch the ship models. I just don't know how to find the ship models in the editor.

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:28 am
by trekker-
trekker- wrote:I've taken it upon myself to fix the incorrect ship models for the cardassians and romulans. I've already fixed the images, now just to switch the ship models. I just don't know how to find the ship models in the editor.
Nevermind it automatically switches the ship models. So it's done. It literally took about 5 seconds. I don't know why this couldn't be done before.

If anyone needs it I can post the updated stbof.res file for 103.

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:37 am
by thunderchero
trekker- wrote:I don't know why this couldn't be done before.

1. it was a minor imperfection on 2 of 72 models.
2. I was only told about it 2 weeks ago.
3. major update was already planned. So why fix something that is going to be replaced. :wink:


Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:21 pm
by mickar
Vanilla is not imbalanced as some claim.

The game was designed as a multi player game, not 1 vs 1 game.

And the scrap for money feature is a part of botf and not a bug. Change the word 'scrap' to 'sell' and the problem is solved.

IMHO, people who complain about the scrap feature are people who don't know how to use it.