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Victory Conditions

Post by Iceman » Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:20 pm

There weer some questions about some of the VCs in the game, so I thought I´d post about this topic while a manual is not available.

They can be enabled/disabled in the Settings window, Gameplay tab, which is accessible from the Main Menu. They have tooltips that briefly explain how thay can be reached.

The first civ to be able to synthesize (sp?) Red Matter, wins. You do this by building Science Stations in Green stars that have a Demon planet. Green stars are rare, Green stars with a Demon planet even rarer.
Each of these stations nets you a number of RM points (which depends on the size of the Demon planet) every turn; and your relations with every other civ in the galaxy will decline. Once you reach the set threshold (default 100, can be modded), you win.
The interface is not yet implemented, there will be a counter in the main view so that the player can keep track of his progress.

The first civ to reach level 12 in all tech fields wins (except the Borg, who already start at tech 12).
Currently there is a level 13 (Omniscience) in the tech matrix, but that's basically a workaround for an issue with the matrix. Even though progress in this level is being tracked, it has no effect whatsoever.

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