Hi Everyone,

The 20th Anniversary of the release of Birth of the Federation is now less than 2 months away "May 25 2019" it is gratuitous that it also falls on Saturday.

I propose we gather on GameRanger for quick multi-player games and reminiscing about our favorite game.

I will try to be on GameRanger as much as I can that day and night and hope to see you there.


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Windows 10 problems/solutions please post them here

This forum contains threads from support forum outdated or no longer neede.

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Re: Windows 10 problems/solutions please post them here

Post by thunderchero » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:35 pm

this is a very old section and most info and fixes are out of date and may not work.

to help you better you would need to provide more info.

I suggest you create a new support topic in this section

if you have not already you should download the "All in one" installer
https://www.armadafleetcommand.com/get- ... le_id=1958

this takes care of most issues, but please read complete download description.


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