Synchronisation error after every battle in multiplayer game

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Synchronisation error after every battle in multiplayer game

Post by Teyla »

Me and my boyfriend have both installed the all-in-one and are running the error correction mod. We are connected by means of a cross-cable and the game runs smooth except that, after every battle, whether played or auto, we have a 'synchronization error'. The only way to continue playing is to close the game, and restart it and set up the multiplayer again. This is very frustrating, especially if a few turns in a row have battles, even minor ones. It doesn't matter who is host or who turns first. I have included a screenshot of the message. Does anyone have any clue how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Synchronisation error after every battle in multiplayer game

Post by thunderchero »

quote from ECM mod topic
Multi-player note
WARNING - This Modification seems to cause multiplayer issues
Disabling the chasing ships away / morale-boosting exploit
and should be removed by all player before starting any multi-player game.
You can use special QD patcher at bottom of this post to remove this patch
but also to prevent other sync errors in MP games
in combat or just processing turn it is very important not to click on the turn button more than once.

also the host player should wait to click turn button until the joining player has clicked turn.

this is due to host controls saved games.
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