ECML and MPR++ 2.6 - Minors Don't Fire Phasers

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ECML and MPR++ 2.6 - Minors Don't Fire Phasers

Post by JeanLucPicard1 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:39 pm

Windows Version:
Video card/chip info:
Are you useing DxWnd?: Not using DxWnd
Was Birth of the Federation running on this system prior to this install Yes
List any crash logs or messages you might have seen

What have you already tried to solve the problem?
I tried setting the minor race ships to behave like Federation in UE.

Detailed description of your issue
I didn't want the Feds to have blue phasers in ECML, so I went into the hob mappings in MPR++ and changed the hob files of the Feds with ones for the Ferengi. For example, I changed <hob name="Hphaser.hob" target="phasers\Hphaser"/> to <hob name="Hphaser.hob" target="phasers\Fphaser"/>

Since the change, minor races will not display the phaser or torpedo animation. I can hear them firing weapons, but I don't see it.

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Re: ECML and MPR++ 2.6 - Minors Don't Fire Phasers

Post by thunderchero » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:53 pm

Those phasers were never fun to edit, you might want to post your question here
so Flocke would see it quicker.

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Re: ECML and MPR++ 2.6 - Minors Don't Fire Phasers

Post by Flocke » Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:08 pm

Not sure but I think some time it was reported that for some strange reason phasers and torpedos don't show for all the minors.
If I remember correct, another issue with the rendering sometimes was the camera view. If too near or too far or at certain angles the animation was clipped. This might also be affected by some ship stats which would easily explain why some minor ships show no animation while others do.

Is it sure it does work when you change it back?

Beside the hob mappings, you could as well change the animations in the packages\default\phasers.xml and packages\default\torpedos.xml or just change the images in packages\default\res
Changing the hob mappings however should work and have no side affects.
For minors it should be the Mphaser and the Mphoton mappings.

best regards & hope you get it work

P.S. Hm interesting, I didn't know I could subscribe the whole mpr++ forum. <check> :roll:

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