Ferengi-Dominion Alliance mod (updated 9-26-16)

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Ferengi-Dominion Alliance mod (updated 9-26-16)

Post by Darth_Windu » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:50 am

This file is now part of the BOTF All in One 1.0.0 installer

Hi all,

My mod, the Ferengi-Dominion Alliance mod (FDA) is ready for an initial release, thanks to the huge assist from Thunderchero.

The idea of this mod is twofold.

Firstly it bring in the Dominion, in an alliance with the Ferengi. This allows the use of Ferengi voices etc whilst replacing all Ferengi combat ships with Dominion vessels.

Secondly it is somewhat of an all-era mod. Now you can go all the way from the Enterprise NX-01 to the Enterprise-E and Valdore, spanning the entire Trek universe, including the 2009 film.

Multi main installer 1.0.2 required before installation

Then just execute the Ferengi-Dominion Alliance mod installer exe


File updated 9-26-16 (removed sun animations for AMD video conflict)

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Re: Ferengi-Dominion Alliance mod (updated 9-26-16)

Post by thunderchero » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:18 pm


Due to the AMD video driver update that conflicted with the replacement sun animations the file was replaced.

no version change
no game play changes

Ferengi-Dominion Alliance mod installer exe

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