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Adding Random Events

Post by Tethys »

I know what you're thinking.. the answer is no, I'm not adding "those" types of random events. This topic I want to discuss non-monster based random events (hull degrading virus). For now this is just a rough outline; I do not expect any immediate replies since this will be a larger project than I have taken on in the past.

It is my intention to create a series of random events to add substance and flavor to GALM.

>>> Ion Storm, using a modified hull degrading virus code. <<<

To have ~5 levels of Ion Storm (hull degrading) to add damage and destroy ships, and entire fleet in sector.

Level 6 Ion Storm: Lowest level storm posing threat to starships (minor damages, highest chance)
Level 7: A bit worse than level 6, medium threat (medium damage, high chance)
Level 8: Worse still, poses threat to Intrepid class (medium to moderate damages, normal chance)
Level 9: Even worse, grave threat to starships (moderate to maximum damage, lower chance)
Level 10: The worst ion storm, total destruction of an entire taskforce or taskforces inhabiting sector (maximum damage, lowest chance)

I'd like to combine these random events with new stellar type for map based persisting Ion Storm as seen in canon
Ion storms were prevalent in the Denorios belt and had been since at least the 22nd century. In the Bajoran year 9174, Akorem Laan's lightship was caught in an ion storm there and was severely damaged. (DS9: "Explorers", "Accession")

The Kalandra star system had many ion storms. In 2375, Captain Benjamin Sisko and General Martok expressed their concerns the storms would reveal the Federation Alliance starships to the Dominion. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

The Panora system also has constant ion storms. (DS9: "For the Uniform")
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