How To: Properly Create a Personal mod

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How To: Properly Create a Personal mod

Post by thunderchero » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:06 am

Hi Everyone,

This topic will explain the basics on how to setup a personal mod properly,

this example will use vanilla as a base, but any mod could be used.
this example also uses default install path.

step 1
create a new folder in the base install path, for this example I will name the folder "MPM" for My Personal Mod.
note: folder name should be short, 4 number/letter combination max.

step 2
copy the full content of the vanilla folder to your new folder.
Note: you should delete/do not copy these files, "unins000.dat, unins000.exe, uninstall.ico" from new folder (uninstaller will no longer work properly)

step 3
working in new folder "MPM" open the "stbof.ini" with a notepad.
close and save stbof.ini

stop 4
open the trek.exe with a hex editor
at 0x174357 change 42 4F 54 46 -> 4D 50 4D 00
at 0x17b09f change 42 4F 54 46 -> 4D 50 4D 00
close and save trek.exe

Note if mod is used as base the first values (42 4F 54 46) will differ.

step 5
Registries, this is what most user have the most problems with. But I will try to make this easier.
here are 2 files that use Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 to add registries for you.
files "MPM 32 bit system only.reg" use only if your system is 32 bit
files "MPM 64 bit system only.reg" use only if your system is 64 bit
(1.03 KiB) Downloaded 50 times
note these files can be edited if needed to change install path or name of mod

step 6
In new folder right click the "trek.exe" in dropdown menu select send to/Desktop (create shortcut)
next right click the shortcut you just created and rename to "My Personal Mod"

that is it your personal version is ready to play or edit.

Note if you are using a mod as base instead of vanilla these instructions will vary slightly.

I hope this helps explain things, if you have any question please ask.


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