Adding more minor races (fail)

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Adding more minor races (fail)

Post by thunderchero » Tue May 30, 2017 10:24 am

Hi Everyone,

well I gave it an honest effort, here are the issues I encountered.

my first attempt was increasing to 60 minors (30 new), but structures bitmask had issues. so reduced to 58 minors (28 new) + 5 majors. this looks to be max.

stbof.res files edited;

race.rst added 28 new minors
racedesc.rst added 28 new descriptions
planet.pst added/edited 28 new planet names added 28 new minor race attitudes
edifice.bst added 28 new minor structure (cloned current structures)
edifdesc.bst added 28 new structure descriptions (cloned current structures)
aibldreq.bin 28 new structures added for minor structures
racetech.tec 280 new entries added 10 per race
shiplist.sst edited to move monster race id (no new ships added)
bldset1-5.bin UE edited these file
starname.bin added with more star names

trek.exe changes
moved race names list at 0x1746e8 to relocation table
moved race name table at 0x189440 to relocation table
changed/tested over 1000 code locations for
23h (35) race list total
24h (36) start of monster ids
1Eh (30) total minors (not sure if this is even used)

I never saw a single new minor on map :mad: but in diplomacy screen and summary I had 58 entries, but names were gibberish (see obstacle 2-3 for why).

4 major obstacles to over come I noticed so far. (I am sure there would be more)

1. sub section 48A02C meet race dialog screen. this has 3 major issues, increasing lexicon entries, increasing english.snd entries and expanding code area. but this sub section might be able to be no-op?

2. sub section 48AF20 Lexicon_GetRaceOrAlienName, main issue, expanding code area but lexicon entries could be shared?

3. sub section 48ACDC Lexicon_GetRaceName, main issue, expanding code area but lexicon entries could be shared?

4. sub section 4C22F8 minor special structure ids, only issue, expanding code area.

is it possible? yes but would require dll injection or other method to expand code areas.


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