Mod making and basic balance mistakes (even for big mods))

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Mod making and basic balance mistakes (even for big mods))

Post by TrashMan »

So I downloaded the full BOTF pack with all he best mods.. and I'm dissapointed with (IMHO) some really bad mistakes and oversights.

One of the biggest mistakes is trying to do what i call "literal balance" - as in, the ST wiki sez Galaxy has 15 phaser banks, thus you give it 15 phasers. That's nice, but the game weapons don't act like he ones in the series. I don't recall ever seeing any federation ship fire all phasers a the same time - it's always just 1-2. So not only does it make little sense, it visually look awful AND slows the game down when the entire screen is nothing but phasers. All the Ages suffers from this. Phasers and torpedos even do the same amount of damage.

The second is balance of enemies. After AA I tried Dominion mod. They were more conservative in weapon numbers and the ships are more durable (as they should be). But then, playing as the Romulan, my 15-star system empire was visited by a single borg sphere. I threw EVERYTHING I had at it, together with an outpost and couldn't even scratch it. Then another sphere came. It was game over. Bloody terrible.
Also Dominion mod removed the Galaxy-X. Heresy!

Long story short, I'm dissapointed by the mods recommended to me as the best.

- ships should only have 1-2 phasers (exceptions exist of course)
- torpedos should do twice as much damage as phasers, but they have minimum range
- shield re-charge and shield strength should be such that even using only phasers, a ship can be defeated. Durable ship. Fights should last a while.
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