Patch to Upgrade structures in 1 turn

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Patch to Upgrade structures in 1 turn

Post by thunderchero » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:51 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure what to considered this patch an enhancement or a human cheat or both?

I have been working on his patch for mirror universe mod.

Since I plan on using Tech Level Bonus Factors, I never thought it was fair to have tech 1 build cost at tech 20 on Main structures. So I will have 5 main structures (4 structure upgrades) at tech 1, tech 5, tech 10, tech 15, tech 20. Each upgrade will give a slight bonus increase.

This patch will allow any upgrade (main structures or scanner) to upgrade in a single turn or buy for 1 credit (I don't know why any human player would buy when it is only one turn, so it is just in case AI does it :wink: )
Note; scanners was not intended, but an acceptable compromise IMHO.

I consider it as a software update of equipment to improve performance for structures. So it only takes a short time.

In my tests the AI upgraded more structure than without patch. :grin:

Patch for BofF patcher (QD's patcher)
(903 Bytes) Downloaded 25 times
build time (1 turn 0 industry)
0x5f932 460532 0F AF 6C -> 90 90 90

build list (displays 1 turn)
0xf363e 4F423E 0F AF D0 -> 90 90 90
0xf3637 4F4237 F7 DA -> 90 90

build queue (displays 1 turn)
0xf2252 4f2e52 0F AF D0 -> 90 90 90
0xf2261 4F2E61 89 D0 -> 90 90

summary screen (displays 1 turn)
0x40e48 441a49 0F AF D0 -> 90 90 90
0x40e53 441a53 89 D0 -> 90 90

buy now (1 credit)
0x3d3f9 43DFF9 89 C2 0F AF D6 -> B8 01 00 00 00

Build list description "industry build cost" (0 industry)
0xf5876 4F6476 8B 8C 24 04 03 00 00 -> 90 90 90 90 90 90 90


Note: this patch has no effect on, no building upgrade mod, Ultimate mod 5 and Uncivil wars

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