Changing small icons

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Changing small icons

Post by Axis »

I've been pondering how to increase the size of the smaller icons in the game (the ***_30.tga images and ***_61 images), is there a way to have the ***_61 images to take the place of the ***_30 images and to enlarge the ***_61 images to 100 X 100 pixels (I can do the image editing myself).
OR, is there a way to implement these changes by hexediting or something like that?
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Re: Changing small icons

Post by thunderchero »

Any image can be resized/replaced. Some instances will require other changes such as increasing place holders and or moving text.

If suffix is changed the trek.exe must be edited. example when some ***_30.tga images where changed to use ***_61 images, but some locations still used ***_30.tga images.

As for code locations they are everywhere though out trek.exe and each image may have multiple locations for different uses.
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