Any modded/balanced cloak combat?

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Any modded/balanced cloak combat?

Post by NitrousUK » Tue Sep 24, 2019 3:47 pm

I was wondering (couldn't find anything searching) if anyone had modded/balanced the cloak ability in combat?
In vanilla BOTF cloak seemed to be massively overpowered when dealing with large fleets. I recall a pitched battle with 20-30 ships a side, Romulans vs Federation, of comparable cost, where the Romulans wiped out about 60% of the Federation fleet in its free cloaking turn. I think in large part due to the strike cruisers and their torpedo volleys, which rarely missed such a large target.
I imagine taking away the free combat turn when cloaked, leaving the cloaks ability to just sneaking in fleets and getting a free chance to run away. Still a big advantage in my opinion, and seems more fitting with the TV series. Though I imagine the downside is that the ship stats account for the cloak ability, and would need boosting to compensate.
Any thoughts on this?

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